Saturday, August 30, 2008

So I suppose I could say that I never really needed a blog to begin with. I thought I may... but the time passed me by anyway.

I'm in remission!

My last chemo was July 17th, and I'm halfway through my radiation treatments. My hair's coming back. I gained weight. I'm thinking about getting a job. I guess everything returns to normal somehow. Strange.

We are hoping to plan a honeymoon for November since we would love to finally have a great vacation and put everything behind us. I've been feeling better physically than I have in such a long time. It will be months before I feel "normal" again according to my dr., but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I feel like it's a shame that I never updated this regularly, that I just sort of moved along with my life. But I didn't need to write my feelings down. I talked about them with the people around me who love me. It wasn't so bad. I've gotten more compliments on my "hair" (wigs) than I ever had on my real hair. Maybe there's something to this wig business. I'm so low maintenance and free. Ha. Adam bought me volumizing shampoo to make the best with what I've got. I love him.