Thursday, October 27, 2011

All About Fall

We took a second trip to the farm near our house to grab some pumpkins... and uhh take a ton of pictures of my babe of course. ;-) I still haven't shared pictures from our first trip to the patch (and hubby and I are actually IN those too!) so it only makes sense that I start backwards, right? Errr...

Found it!

16 months

I know, I know, I'm SUPER behind on posting here. But guys, I'm *busy*. You only have yourselves to blame, really. Encouraging me to follow my dreams and all. ;-)

Anyhow our little bug is now 16 months old. Her favorite things ever are:



Oh yeah, and uhhh DADDY!

Seriously, I'm peanuts now. Ah well. It's so sweet how much she adores him. Even if I'm a little (ok a lot) jelly.

Those ASPCA animal cruelty commercials make her smile like mad and laugh. In all fairness, she just sees animals, which she loves... but it's still hysterical to see her crack up while the sad Sarah McLachlan song is playing and kitties are locked up behind bars. This kid's sense of humor is RIPE I tell you. She loves "sneaking" up behind us and us pretending we don't know where she is. Oh! And there's the incident of me leaving her in her room for literally 8 seconds while I went to wash my hands... and finding her stomping on poo from a disassembled diaper on the ground. She fished it right out of the diaper genie and saw fit to do a jig right on it, on the carpet. With her massive grin, I couldn't really be mad. But seriously, I can't leave her alone, period. This child must be watched like a hawk or she's liable to do all sorts of crazy things.

Speaking of watching like a hawk, she hit a kid at Gymboree. Not a kid, a baby smaller than her. With a pumpkin. Up until now she had been getting pushed around a bit, and she never really seemed to mind. It concerned Adam, who wanted her to "stand up for herself" (an idea I wasn't too fond of) but I just chalked it up to kids being kids. That's not to say we didn't spend our car ride home completely tearing apart the mother of the kid who pushed ours. Clearly she wasn't being vigilant enough with her kid. Yeahhh... it's really awful being on the other side of things. We don't know why she did it, but she just lashed out and started smacking this little girl on the head. Hopefully it's not a new habit, but she's feisty at times so I guess we really need to keep teaching her how to be gentle.

LOL between the laughing at animal cruelty, stomping on poo and pounding on other kids, it's sure sounding like my little girl is quite the bully! But I swear, she's still all lady (most of the time). She loves carrying her purses around the house with her, and brushes her hair whenever she gets her hands on a hair brush... or a tooth brush. :-) There really is no greater feeling than coming home and having her run up to me and giving me a huge thigh hug.
 ...and of course...

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm TERRIBLE, I know!

I so suck at blogging lately, but I've just been super duper busy, I promise. Ya know, trying to start things and whatnot. :-)

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Massive fun post to come soon involving a trip to the pumpkin patch, Disneyland, and other stuffs. xoxo