Thursday, April 29, 2010

U/S Pics

Finally DH uploaded these! Here's our lil sweetheart at 31w6d...

I love her! Now what to name her?!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

32 Weeks!

And I'm having a BIG baby! Seriously. She's measuring in the 93rd percentile. I'm afraid, very afraid. She's head down, which is great news, but she could still turn. We had another ultrasound yesterday and the pictures they got of her were so adorable, I can't get over it. I may be biased, but even the dr. said we got the u/s photo of the week (I wonder if he tells that to all his patients?). She opened her eyes in there at one point! Oh and we got one of her smiling. Seriously! She looks like such a lil rascal in that one. :-) Ahhh we're in love.

How far along?: 32 Weeks
Total weight gain: 30 lbs. Yowza. Remind me to stop shoveling brownies in my pie hole.
How big is baby?: 5 lbs and 1 oz yesterday. *ahem* 93rd percentile *ahem*
Maternity clothes?: Yes, but I still wear a lot of non-maternity tops that are just longer. And I've started wearing my non-maternity summer dresses!
Stretch marks?: My left and right side are now symmetrical. Nothing too horrific, just a couple small ones, and I know they'll fade.
Sleep?: The last few nights have been great, surprisingly! I really owe it to the snoogle, that thing doesn't let me budge some nights.
Best moment this week?: Seeing her at the ultrasound yesterday! She was so active and just CUTE!
Movement?: Yes, particularly when an u/s tech wants her to stay still for a measurement :-P
Food cravings?: None really this week.
Gender? Girl
Labor signs?: None.
Belly button in or out?: Flat, but when I bend over it starts to pop out a little bit haha.
What I miss: Being able to jump out of bed with ease, and not having to pee every time I walk a long distance. And I miss my old cute little belly button.
What I'm looking forward to: Baby shower on Saturday! And a prenatal massage that DH got me is scheduled for Sunday. Ahhh I'm really looking forward to the weekend!
Milestone: I've started my 8th month, and in a few days I'll be able to say she's going to be here next month! Wow I really need to get crackin on a few things! 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

31 Weeks

And I nearly forgot to take a belly pic today! I just had taken my pill cocktail for the evening (prenatal, 2 vitamin Ds and an Expecta DHA supplement) and was preparing to snoogle up to a nice DVR-ed Glee episode when I remembered. Adam says eh what's the big deal you can just take one tomorrow. But my anal retentive side says it's just not the same. Though on second thought, I could have looked much better had I just done it when well-rested and made up nicely lol.

Tonight after work we had our first pediatrician interview. Hubby is convinced this is our guy. I liked him very much and he's incredibly accessible. The only problem I see is that he's a bit old, and I don't want him to go and retire on us anytime soon. I still want to check out a couple more just to be sure.

Physically I'm still just feeling tired a lot, and heartburn has come back this week with a vengeance! I didn't know something as seemingly benign as chocolate would cause acid-throat. I'm looking forward to my ultrasound next week, because I'd really like to know which way she's facing. She should be flipping head down sometime soon, no?

We've also started car shopping, since the lease on our Infiniti G35 is up in a couple months. I'd really like to get into a new car before baby gets here so everything can be all set up, and so we don't have to go car shopping with a newborn. I really want a small SUV or crossover or whatever they're called. I'm not used to driving anything too huge, nor do I think we really need a massive vehicle. So far I really like the VW Tiguan, and I keep hearing good things about the new Kia Sorrento, so that's a consideration. The name Kia always put me off, but there are some crazy good deals on it, and now's the time to be frugal so I'm open to anything! I did test drive a Honda CR-V and I have to say I was unimpressed. It felt rattly and loud on the freeway. Any other fab suggestions would be greatly appreciated (but I have to say, I really like the Tiguan :-P)

Monday, April 19, 2010

It happened AGAIN!

Fabulous Mrs. D over at has bestowed upon me this adorable award! She's so sweet, I highly recommend you hightail it over and check out her bloggy blog. Thanks Mrs. D!

The rules for this award go as followed:

* Accept & thank the fellow bloggie who gave this to you
* List 10 things about yourself
* List 5 additional things that you don't like
* Award this to 10 other fellow bloggies

1- It is highly important to me that you all think I am waaaay smarter than I actually am. 

2- I actually don't mind anyone touching my belly, and I secretly think that those who do hate it either because they're chubsters to begin with or they're trying to consciously cultivate an eccentricity so as to distract us from the fact that they're devoid of any actual personality. I know that sounded way smart, but I'm fairly sure I stole the line from SATC!

3- I don't really like red meat. I suppose the only time I really eat it is on a cheeseburger, and even then it's all about the sauce, cheese and bread for me.

4- I'm pretty much afraid of everyone's dog but my own (and even he can be scary at times!)

5- If I could keep the packaging of everything I bought, I probably would. I just love how adorably some cosmetics/shoes/assorted candy comes packaged, but DH makes me throw them out!

6- My hubby and I play the Sims together sometimes. We get really into it for a few days and do nothing else but make up weird characters or characters just like ourselves (or rather how handsomely we see ourselves) and build little dream houses and live out their lives. We're really dorky I guess!

7- I'm the only person I know that likes flan.

8- People always mention places they would love to travel, but I have to say that I have absolutely NO desire to go to Australia. It's on so many peoples' "must visit" lists, yet the place terrifies me for some reason. 

9- I'm dying to start up some sort of creative business venture, yet haven't quite found my specialty yet. If I could just find a way to make money from home...

10- I'm terribly indecisive and spent over 10 minutes trying to come up with a clever #10. How's that for a #10?!

Now for 5 things I don't like:
1- Liver. The smell is just vile.
2- Liars. I always catch people lying and it's ridiculous!
3- People who won't admit they pick their nose. Come on, I'm pretty sure everyone's had to get in there at some point!
4- Spiders, crickets, bugs, and other assorted vermin. I wish they'd never enter my house or its immediate surroundings. Though I must say this house has barely had an appearance by any of those *knock on wood*
5- Pulp. I want to drink my orange juice, not chew it!
Now, I shall pass on this award to the following lucky ladies: 
Mrs. Lucan
Pink Shoes Photography
Mrs. Grant
Tommy Tutone

*giggles* One of those is fake! I don't know why this is so amusing to me... perhaps sleep deprivation plays a small part?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

30 Weeks!

How far along?: 30 Weeks
Total weight gain: 27 pounds. There. I said it. My ob isn't concerned, so I suppose I shouldn't be either.
How big is baby?: Well, if you want a rough estimate... 2.91 lbs. and 15.71 inches. But I'm thinking she must be at least 18 pounds by now, you know, to justify aforementioned weight gain.
Maternity clothes?: Yeah.
Stretch marks?: Nothing new to report here.
Sleep?: I slept for 13 hours Monday night and woke up tired still... Ahhh if I could just have one more hour to snooze...
Best moment this week?: Hitting 30 weeks is exciting for me. The number 3 in front of the weeks psychologically makes me feel more confident.
Movement?: Yes and she's officially stretching and rolling into strange positions. But I like it. My ribs, not so much...
Food cravings?: Orange juice like crazy. And croissants are my new crack.
Gender? Girl
Labor signs?: Thankfully no.
Belly button in or out?: Flatskies.
What I miss: I guess I'll be sad here. I am going to miss my grandma. She is 87 and yesterday her intestine burst and she needed emergency surgery. She had the operation and is now heavily sedated, but the dr.'s say her prognosis is not good. They give her a 10% chance. Her cancer has also spread to her bones, so if she does survive the next few days, they really don't know how much longer she will have left since there is no cure for this cancer. It breaks my heart to think that she may not get to meet our little girl. The hardest thing is seeing my mom go through this. Arrghhh I warned you I was going to be sad here!
What I'm looking forward to: Right now it's going to sleep.
Milestone: Being 75% done is rather awesome! 

Because I want to make you hungry.

When over at my parents' house last weekend, my mom practically forced me to take this box of mini croissants from Trader Joe's home with me. She was so excited about how fun it is to watch them rise overnight and then bake them off. I shrugged it off and took them with me to appease her.

Well! They actually were kind of fun, but more importantly they were freaking amazing delicious. DH and I may have scarfed them all down that day. Oops.

Here's the pic progression:
Frozen, right out of the box...

After rising overnight...

Ready to smother all over my face...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I've been TAGGED!

Thought it would be fun to make it all dramatic-like. Anyhow my homegirl over at Pink Shoes Photography
(can I get away with saying homegirl? Probably not lol) has given me the enjoyable task of answering the following questions...

1) Who is your Style Icon?
 Jennifer Aniston always looks so effortlessly put together and classy. I mean come on, she makes a wifebeater look good!

2) What is your favorite socialite literature book?
Haha does this count as literature? I actually gleaned some great style info from this one!

3) What is your Favorite Theme Party?
I love any party that requires me to look like a total boob.

4) Go To Costume
DH and me, one very random Halloween...

5) Extravagance you cant live without.
At the moment it's this lil guy right here. I just know I will be using it to death in a couple months!

6) Person you admire?
Oprah is amazing.

7) Traits you deplore in yourself.
I tend to be lazy and procrastinate. And sometimes I suffer from low self esteem. Other times I suffer from ridiculously high self esteem. 

9) What talent would you like most to have?
No, not the talent of sexily bathing in tomato sauce (or... blood??!), which naturally I have been blessed with. I adore Giada De Laurentiis, and her magical cooking abilities. I seriously tried passing the name Giada into the consideration list for our baby girl, but DH wasn't too keen on it. I'm not a terrible cook, I'm just... er... well, lazy. OK the more I look at it, the more this picture is starting to creep me out, so I'll leave you with this one:

10) Your greatest achievement.
I'd say beating cancer was a great achievement.

My apologies that I'm entirely too lazy to tag people. If you read this and you liked it, consider yourself tagged to do one too! :-)

Friday, April 9, 2010

The day I freaked out...

So yesterday while I'm at work, I get this really sharp pain in my left side. And I try to ignore it for a while, but it's getting more persistent and definitely isn't going away. After about 45 minutes I decided to call my ob, and of course everyone was on lunch. I told the exchange what was going on and she connected me to a nurse, who suggested I go to labor and delivery.

Um, what?!

So I freak out. I don't want to go to labor and delivery. That's where people labor and... well deliver! 29 weeks is too soon! My dr.'s office called back 3 minutes later saying they spoke with my dr. and she suggested I lay down with a heating pad, and if it gets worse to go in. My boss then saw what a jittery blubbery mess I was and tried calming me down, and insisted I go home to relax. After laying down for a while it did get better, and I only really felt anything when I sat up. It wasn't contractions or anything, so I decided not to go in, since it wasn't getting worse. Today the pain is completely gone, so maybe the little one was pushing on my spleen or something completely innocuous like that. I've had a pretty easy pregnancy so far, so thinking that something could go wrong now worried the hell out of me. Hubbs got home pretty quickly and was great at helping me relax a bit.

What scared me more than anything was hearing the words "labor and delivery". But apparently that's where they send all the pregnant women. Now they tell me! :-P

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

29 Weeks!

Someone asked today, "So when are you due, about a month?"

Uhh no, closer to 11 weeks! Though I think she'll come a week or so early. Based on part intuition, part wishful thinking. I'm still measuring a tiny bit ahead, but the gap is smaller (on Monday I was measuring 29/30 weeks). I'm really starting to feel "huge" now. I grunt getting up out of bed or trying to put my shoes on. It's just so lovely and ladylike! And I am ready to file my first major complaint. Two days ago I felt as though my ribs were broken. Some rearranging is going on in there and it hurts like a motha. I didn't think it would get this way since I figure I'm carrying pretty darn low, but dear baby Jesus, this rib pain is serious business. It's been better today, so hopefully that was it (yeah right)!

I'm getting super excited for my baby shower though! The invites are too adorable to not show them off...
Obviously not my info, since this is the wild internets after all, but I can't wait for the big day (May 1st)! I feel so lucky that I have a whole "committee" of hostesses. :-) Now I just need to find something to wear that doesn't have me resembling a whale too much.

Tops are getting shorter and shorter on me, and it actually got cold here in So Cal for the past week, so I had to bust out my long sleeved maternity shirts, which are now short on me! And as behemoth-like as I feel, my stupid Motherhood maternity jeans sag off of me, even though they're size small. Talk about vanity sizing, since there is no way in h-e-double hockey sticks I'm an extra small at this stage in my thigh's lifetime. And the Old Navy bargain jeans with the elastic waistband hurt to wear. And of course, the two pairs of designer maternity jeans I have also droop, so I'm constantly having to pull them up. I just want to loft around in mumus maxi dresses already!

*sigh* I'll be complaining of the heat soon enough. I do a lot of that, don't I? ;-)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy 2nd Anniversary

I still love you more than words or smiles or glances or kisses can ever express. 2 years married, 5 years together, and it just keeps getting better! When I said I do, I had no idea how amazing life could be as your wife. Thank you for sticking by me when most would have run for the hills.

P.S. Thank you for the "cotton" anniversary presents. Socks and cotton candy were pure genius :-)