Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Ooops. I guess I'm now really into making baby bows myself!
Poor little G has a tiny eye infection :-( Her right eye was really watery on Sunday night and yesterday it didn't get better so I brought her to the dr. today. And we were given a prescription for some eye ointment, and advised that putting breastmilk in her eye would help. Really! There's something about shooting milk into my poor little girl's eye that didn't quite sit well, but I gave it a try and she didn't seem to mind. I really hope it clears up fast because she hasn't been a happy camper today. I just kept her Moby-ed up all day and worked on bows while she slept on me.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Gabriella slept through the night for a few nights longer... and then decided that not only was this not cool, but that it would be super awesome to wake up at 3 a.m.... for good! I mean what a super-fantastic play time!

Now we're back to our old 9:30 p.m. bedtime with a 3 a.m. feeding. This girl operates like clockwork, I swear. 3:04 a.m., give or take a couple minutes, and she's up and hungry. But at least now she's just eating for 15 minutes and she's right back asleep until 6:30-7 a.m.ish.

I finally got around to making her wall letters! I decided to make them instead of shelling out the $200 bucks to get the ones that I had originally wanted (way to go, giving her a name with 9 letters!). I actually love how they came out- I tried to match her bedding. I hand painted them and even made the flower push-pins (inspired by some I saw in a boutique - they were totally easy!).

Now I'm on a bit of a DIY bender. I'm trying to find all sorts of goodies that I can make for her myself. My mom made her some headbands, and I think I'll try to make hair clippies for her. Yes, I'm fully aware that she only has like 5 hairs on her head. And sometimes the supplies cost more than just buying said item at the store. But it's fuuuuun! And pshhh my wall letter project only cost like $30!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rolling Over

So I'm a total moron and yesterday morning we were videotaping little G roll over from her front to back. We were admiring how cute she was for doing it and all that... It never dawned on me that this is an actual milestone! I didn't think it counted as rolling over, but as a friend confirmed, yes, it counts! I mean what more could I expect for the term "rolling over", a backflip? I feel terrible for not remembering when she really first did this, because I'm sure she's done it a couple times during tummy time before - I just assumed it was because her head was too heavy and it was dragging her down. So we'll count this one in the books - rolling over for sure, by 9 weeks. :-)

I'd really love to figure out a way to post some video on here. I'll get on that! Oh and over the weekend I had a bit of a sad moment while getting diapers for her. We decided to buy size 2, since we were getting the big value box, and her size 1's were getting tight on her. Already in size 2's?! A bunch of her 3-6 month clothes are already fitting her, and some 0-3's are too tight now. I wish some manufacturers wouldn't have sizes that run so small (Baby Gap and Juicy, I'm glaring at you) - I didn't even bother putting her in size 0-3 for a while because she was fitting into all her newborn stuff perfectly, and by the time I realized it would fit her, she was only able to wear a lot of it once or twice. I guess I should only dress her in things I absolutely LOVE from now on...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gabriella is 2 months old!

Here are her latest stats:
11 lbs 10 oz and 23 inches long - around the 75th percentile for both!
She can hold her head up at a 90 degree angle no problem, and she's starting to tolerate tummy time on her mat way more. Proof:
It could also be that she LOVES staring at herself in the mirror. My vain little lovebug. Can you blame her? If I was this cute, I would stare at myself in the mirror all day too ;-)
She smiles all the time, and sometimes I expect to hear a laugh come out of her, based on how her face lights up and how huge her open-mouthed grin is. I'm sure that will come soon enough! As for rolling over and all that, she still hasn't done it on her own (she did roll from front to back during tummy time, but she had a little rolled up receiving blanket under her chest so I'm not sure it counts). 

Last night, perhaps as a 2 month birthday gift to me, she slept from 10:30 to 5 a.m.! I was absolutely thrilled with this, as we've been doing 3 a.m. feedings pretty regularly. We'll see if it's a new habit or a one time fluke.

Speaking of feedings, nursing is going great - I know they usually say it's tough for the first 2 weeks but to stick with it and it will get easier... and it's so true. I can see how formula can be so tempting - first of all the companies that make it send out "checks" for it weekly practically giving it away, and one even sent a full sized tub of it to my doorstep. And second, it would be so easy to not have the sole responsibility of feeding LO. But I really do enjoy nursing her and being able to say that she's had strictly my boob juice since birth. It's crazy for me to stop and think that I've solely sustained this amazing, precious little life for two months now. Ahhh, don't let me get all emotional now!

Here are some random pics from the last month:

Workin' hard on that tummy...
Aaaand we're pooped:

Love these little shoes on her!

Trying out her Bumbo (clearly NOT ready for it lol)...

Totally mesmerized by daddy...
Getting ready for bed...
More from her 2 month mini photo shoot:

Monday, August 16, 2010

Gabriella and the Beach

On Sunday we took Gabriella to the beach for her first time! I figured at a day shy of 8 weeks, it was time for this So Cal baby to get in touch with the beach lifestyle. She slept like, well, a baby the whole way there, and actually loved it at the beach. The ride home was a different story - we had to make a few stops due to her crying/screaming. Ultimately I had to sit in back with her and hold her hand, and that made her happy enough to nap for the rest of the ride back :-)

Rockin mama's shades...

I had to put this bathing suit on her before she outgrows it! I'm a little too scared to take her in our pool... maybe it's time for that too??

Toes in the sand <3

Monday, August 9, 2010

I could cry...

because Gabriella has been sleeping for the last 5 hours beautifully and I have INSOMNIA! Ugh what a waste! But instead I will regale you with these photos of her LOVING her bath time, taken last week.

I think I look forward to her bath time just as much as she enjoys it, because I know she loves it so much. Seriously, last week I got pooped on during a massive blowout and I didn't mind one bit because I got to put her in the tub and I just love it when she's so happy.

P.S. I know, I know, the new header is too much. I got to playing around with making one and now I'm too tired to fine tune things. I need about 19 more hours in the day...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

When she was 9 days old...

Here are Gigi's newborn pics (ok well not ALL but here are just some of our favorites). The photographer is Laurie Sachs and she was amazing! We fell in love with everything so we just had to buy all the digital images. It's a splurge, but photography is very important to us and we knew we'd regret not doing it. Looking at these pictures will forever make me melt...