Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'm obsessed at the moment. With socks. Baby girl socks of the Trumpette variety. For my shower a friend gifted us with the lovely pastel mary janes and Gabby has worn them well.

And then my mom's coworker recently got her these adorable metallic ones:
And I'm naturally coveting these, which are coming out early next month:
and these:
oh AND these:
And of course my little girl's surely going to be a dancer and will be needing these:

Adam wants you to know that he likes these:
I mean, a baby can never have enough socks, right?! And these actually stay on her little feet (she's always losing socks, and I'm constantly having to pull them up). Ugh and the cute little boxes they come in? Forget it! I've always been a sucker for cute packaging. Maybe it's time to make our Christmas list for Santa? Hey, it's almost October!

Swim & Laugh

Saturday we took little G to the pool since it was so ridiculously hot out (seriously my car read 112). We waited for almost dusk so it would be a bit cooler and shady since I didn't want her in the sun. She liked the water o.k. - it really didn't compare to her beloved whale bathtub though!

Mad props to DH for photographing me from my chest up while I rocked the mom-suit! Will I ever be bikini-ready again?? *Sigh*


Ignore my crazy mug here and look at her precious little face peeking out from that towel!
The real update is on Sunday while on her playmat G gave us her first real laugh! It was the BEST sound ever! Adam and I got so giddy, and as a stroke of sheer luck, we had the video camera right there and were able to capture the whole thing!

I meant to wait to post this until I could figure out how to put the video on here but it's been over 3 days and my blog is beginning to verge on pathetic. Seriously how do I do it? The little uploader thing tried to upload it for like 2 hours and it still didn't work.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

3 Months Old!

That's a quarter of a year... already!

We had a family date night last week and went out for Indian food. G loves spicy food. I probably had spicy daily when I was pregnant, so that could be why she doesn't mind the breastmilk when I still eat it. She also now loves being involved in conversations and prefers to sit facing out so she can look at everyone/thing.
Here are my two loves...
I love her big ol gummy smiles!

We had a dr. appointment today, and we're filling out quite nicely! I had predicted 13 lbs 8 oz... and I was right on the money! She's also up to 24 inches. 2 feet already... *sigh* she's getting old.

I totally lied to her before and said she wouldn't be getting any shots today (I thought there wouldn't be any), so when the dr. said she was getting 3, I felt horrible. She was not prepared. I was not prepared. I guess my disdain for her getting stuck with a needle will never go away. She took them like a champ though! My baby girl is one tough cookie.
We got her a Sophie, per everyone and their mothers' recommendations. She loves it! She does prefer her fists though.

So over the weekend we took her to get some pictures taken at Sears because I had a free coupon, and I figured we had nothing to lose (except our dignity it turns out). They seriously just let anyone work there as a "photographer". One of the girls actually said shit and crap multiple times throughout the session because she kept missing shots. Seriously?! I'm no square but that's so unprofessional. The pictures look like anyone could have taken them, but that's not the worst part. I hand over my coupon, and she says I have to spend at least $50 for it to apply. Um what?

She points out that in microscopic print at the bottom of the card (not on the coupon part, which I had scoured beforehand) it says restrictions may apply. Ugh. She said I could use another coupon I had for a portrait package for $4.99. A 10x13, 8x10, 4 5x7, 16 wallets, 16 minis, and a partridge in a pear tree. So I did. And we paid $20 for 2 more 5x7s of a different pose. Because I couldn't decide which mediocre photograph to select. And because even though the "portrait" quality sucks, my daughter looks fucking cute as hell in the picture. Oops I cussed. See, I told you I'm no square. Either way, I left feeling defeated. Sears bested me.

I came home and decided I could do way better. I set up a little "studio" in our bedroom, and I quite like how this pic turned out...
I totally could have a future as a Sears photog, no?


I mean, it's not just anyone who can capture moments like this:

Monday, September 20, 2010

Errr, I'm here!

Whoops, I guess I shouldn't have posted about my scan and then not update for 11 days! Sorry! Everything came back normal, which is a relief. One less thing to worry about for the next year! :-)

I can't believe that my little Gabby-cakes is going to be 3 months old tomorrow. It's so not fair how fast she is growing up! On the other hand, she is so much more agreeable at this age, so I won't argue with it! She's alert and observes everything around her all the time (TV included, *groan*). She gives us little coos and giggle-almost-laughs all the time too. We have her 3 month appointment on Thursday so I'm sure I'll have plenty of updates then.

Oh, and where do you get a baby's ears pierced? Because I'm really terrified at the idea of some teenager at Claire's doing it. One of my best friends gave me (well, Gabriella) beautiful little baby pearl earrings for my baby shower and I can't wait for her to be able to wear them. We'd like to have her ears pierced while she's young for a couple reasons - I believe it's easier than when she's older and can both remember the pain and yank at them, and two, I had mine done when I was a wee baby. Like still in the hospital wee. It's how we do in Romania, yo. And I never resented my parents for it (in fact, I was always grateful - I saw how my classmates in grade school would get nasty infections, and I never had problems). Bonus reason? Maybe morons on the street will stop saying what a cute little BOY I have - uh hello, she's all girl! Do you not notice her pink outfit, pink blanket and BOW on her head?! Some people...

That's all for now! I'll leave y'all with some pics of G at the little music circus we took her to last weekend. Music circus in my mind = a band and animals and some sort of candied treats. Music circus in reality = kooky lady with a keyboard and some tables with crayons set out. We had a really nice family day anyway, and I think G actually liked all the music. All the little kids loved seeing her too, it's funny how so many kids love babies.

And finally an example of how her hands are in her mouth ALL the time now. She just loves to nom on her fist. She's smackin away on it right now too haha. I keep trying to replace it with the paci but there's just something about her hand...
Oh ok fine, one more... At a labor day block party, passed out from all the commotion :-)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

So I wasn't going to mention it, but...

I have a scan on Saturday. I haven't had one in over a year (since I was pregnant). I've been trying hard to not think about it at all, but I can't help but be nervous about it. The horrible thoughts creep into my mind from time to time... "what if..."

I really don't want to think about it but my mind goes there and I really don't want it to. I can't imagine having to go through everything again, and now with my beautiful baby girl... I can't imagine not being here for her if God forbid something were found and I didn't make it. Ugh I know I shouldn't think that way!

I'm just trying to look at it as just another thing I have to do that day. I'm going to have to build a bigger freezer stash of breast milk because I won't be able to nurse for 24 hours after. I'm also not supposed to be around G for 8 hours after, so it's sort of going to be a forced "me" day. My mom is going to take me shopping so we're going to hit up the outlets. She wants to get me some outfits, but all I can think about is "Yes! There's a Baby Gap and Carters!" I'm going to have a hard time not seeing my girl for 8 whole hours, let alone not shopping for her! I really have no interest in myself anymore. I guess should work on that because I don't want to let myself go. It's way too early for that. ;-)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hi Friends!

Gigi is feeling much better thanks to the erythromycin ointment - it was hard putting it in her eyes 3x a day for a week, she would cry and get so fussy once she realized it was on (I always tried to do it in her sleep but it would wake her up). She would even try to wipe it off with her hands! I didn't think she had such coordination in her, but I guess when you're uncomfortable, you can do many things :-)

Check out the awesome baby legwarmers she's sporting! Can you believe my girl over at made them?! I think I'm going to have another DIY fest soon! Check out her blog to see how she makes them (and spread some blog love)!

Let's see, in other news... I'm back at work now. Maternity leave officially ended and I went back yesterday. It's only part-time, and my schedule is a bit different - I've been working from 5-9 a.m.! I know, it sounds nuts, but I'm able to get my work done and it's quite peaceful at the office with no one around. Bonus is there's no traffic! I'm used to being up at crazy hours now anyway. DH watches Gabby when she gets up and then my dad comes and watches her for the hour or so after hubby leaves for work and I get home. I take a late morning nap when she does to catch up on my sleep.

My heart just ached at the thought of leaving her, but this way she's asleep the majority of the time that I'm gone anyway, and it feels good to be able to bring home some money. I'm sad that I'm not there to see her wake up first thing in the morning though - that's my favorite time with her. She's so cute and sweet when she first gets up all groggy in the a.m. And when she spots me and gives me her huge gummy grin... I just melt! *sigh* I guess that's the trade off for working. But I'm happy that I get to sort of be a hybrid of a working and stay at home mama!

So I keep getting these coupons for the Sears Portrait Studio. Free sitting and this whole photo package of a 10x13, 8x10, 5x7s and all sorts of other stuff. I'm thinking of giving it a shot for G's 3 month pictures. What have we got to lose? It's free! My expectations aren't too high, and I'll make it easy and simple: naked baby with a huge flower headband on a clean white background. Now all that's left is picking the headband... and this is where my ridiculously indecisive self starts driving me and everyone around me crazy. I'm in love with so many of them, and I really shouldn't spend my entire first week's paycheck on buying everything I want, so I need to decide. Maybe y'all can help? :-)

The first six are from the etsy seller "Banner Boutique" and the last one is from Dolce Vita Mia. OK I already bought the last one about a week ago (along with this:
) but shhhh, don't tell anyone. Looking at all the pictures of teeny newborns already makes me miss when G was first born. She's growing so fast!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Halloween Already

I know September's just barely started, but I found myself thinking about Halloween a little early this year - I didn't want to put off finding G's costume til the last minute. I went back and forth between a bunch of ideas, and ultimately I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on a costume she'll just wear once. SO I decided that she's going to be a little bee this year! Most of her costume will be made and some of it will get more use again after. It all started with these adorable baby booties I saw on etsy...
I'm sort of obsessed with baby shoes. And they're not so cheap - some are around the $33 range! I have two hands and own needle and thread so I figured I could make them myself! I got her basic bootie pattern and already made a trial pair to see if I could do it. I sew by hand because I'm afraid of my sewing machine (I should really look into that) so it took me a few hours, but it was fun and they only cost like a couple bucks' worth of materials to make. Here's my final product.

OK so they lack a little polish, which is probably why I should go ahead and use my sewing machine (alright, ya got me, I don't know how to operate it... Help!). But I really like them anyway. And check out my snazzy presentation on my candle holder!

Anyhow back to Halloween! My aunt is a knitter and she's going to make G a cute little bee hat, and I figure I'll put her in a little yellow onesie and black striped leggings or babylegs. Those she can wear again so I'm totally being frugal. I can't wait to see how cute my little Gigibee is going to look!

Her eye infection is getting better, but not before it spread to her other eye. My poor baby had puffy runny eyes for a few days, but thankfully we think the antibiotics are doing the trick (if not the breastmilk!).