Monday, August 31, 2009

August 31

Really, August 31?! Are you necessary? I find August 31st to be the most pointless day of the year. Do we really need two months in a row with 31 days? Nobody likes the last day of the month. The first day - that offers promise. New beginnings, a brand new month. It's fresh. That last day sure is a bummer.

Could be that it's because we have two more days til Maui?


Sunday, August 30, 2009

3 Days and Packing Sucks!

Is there some sort of secret to packing? I absolutely hate doing it. Yes, I know that the excitement of an upcoming trip should facilitate the luggage stuff-fest, but somehow it doesn't. I'm always left feeling like I overpacked, yet forgot something crucial. And it's not like we're going to some deserted island, where goods will be hard to come by.

If I forget razors, I'm certain a CVS or whatever Maui has will be right around the corner. And how fathomable is it that I will change my underwear 24 times in the 7 days we will be spending there? Am I that likely to soil myself?

Undoubtedly something will be forgotten, and it won't be a tragedy. So I've resolved to be at peace with this. However now, I've resorted to turning my fixation towards all the things that could go wrong.

No, not like the engines of the plane shutting down and plummeting thousands of feet, ablaze, into the depths of the Pacific. I'm talking serious concerns. What if we miss the flight? Or worse yet, what if we're told at the airport that we have too much luggage/too big of a piece of luggage/an unforseeable combination of hair products within our luggage that, unbeknownst to us cause massive explosions (I never trust my flat iron to mingle with polyester)?!?!?!

What if, GASP, they make me take out my precious makeup collection and throw it out?! Seriously, that's my main fear every time I fly. Oh, the horror!

Alright, I need a sedative.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


This may sound weird, but I miss school. The concept of it, really. I'd like to learn something new. So much time is spent in the classroom waiting for class to be over, waiting for that next step, and when you're all done, you look back and miss it.

I toy around with the idea of taking a photography class, or perhaps a cake decorating class. Something that will be valid and applicable to my life. I keep meaning to experiment with my camera, but to be honest, I have a deep rooted fear of changing the settings and forever messing them up. I have that sort of luck with electronic items.

Adam and I spent the day playing in the pool, testing out our snorkel equipment. On our way home, we picked up some lottery tickets (the jackpot's some obscene amount), and began discussing the whatifs, and the howwearegonnaspendallthatmoneys. We both realized that no matter how much money we have, we would still feel a need to work/do something. Oddly enough, the thought that we'd have the freedom to start up our own businesses excited me the most (well, next to the idea of luxurious travel and an awesome home). I could finally have a little flower shop, or a little bakery (evidently they must be little).

I suppose I could never just sit at home, doing nothing. I did that for a while (it's called unemployment/dealing with illness) and it drove me stir-crazy.

I'll let you know if we win. ;-)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My foray into acupuncture.

I decided to try acupuncture to heal/treat/forever banish my arthritis. As my luck would have it, my middle toe on my right foot has gotten swollen and troublesome in the past month or so. Aleve helps, but I would rather not commit to a lifetime of pill-popping. Not judging, it's just not my style.

I found a wonderful little man right here in town that came highly recommended via yelp. When I showed up, he was indeed adorable and kind. He placed about a dozen needles in me, most notably one on top of my head. Then he instructed me to lay and breathe deeply from my stomach (which surprisingly was much harder for me to manage than it sounded). He also provided me with a couple heat lamps - which left me feeling like a 4 hour-old wonton at the local Panda Garden Buffet.

Here's the kicker: at the end, he takes out some sort of hot poker and places it on my toe and instructs me to let him know when it's hot. Several times. At first I tried to play tough guy and stick it out as long as possible (giggling at "stick it out" in an acupuncture post). By the end I was yelping "That's HOT!" with a sense of urgency I'm certain not even Paris Hilton herself is familiar with.

I've done three "sessions" and I don't think I'm noticing anything. But perhaps I'm not getting into "the zone" enough to let it work. I'm too fixated on whether or not those stupid lamps are giving me a tan.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is my confession.

It's shameful. It's distasteful. It's downright stupid.

I spent 6 minutes in a tanning bed tonight.

Hear me out.

I'm going to be in Maui (duh it's practically all I talk about) in 3 weeks. I'm pasty. Not that I care if I am a golden bronze in my bikini... but I have a fear. A fear that I will enjoy exactly one day on the isle and burn to a crisp and ruin my entire vacation. By being sunburned and in pain. Even though I fully intend to slather on SPF 70+ repeatedly the entire time. It will find me. And I need that base tan for protection.

I understand that somehow this is like laughing in the face of the cancer I just had. And I'm even mortified that I've done this. I'm even debating deleting this post. Really.

But again, I'm developing a mild, controlled tan with minimal exposure now, so that I don't do major damage then.

Hate me now.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

1 More Month!!!

Ummm... Is someone getting excited to go to Maui?! I think so!!! I went overboard and got a bunch of bathing suits for the trip... 6 to be exact (and added to the one my mom got me for my birthday back in March, I've got one for each day!).
Before you roll your eyes, I caught a killer clearance sale on VS... 40% off clearance priced suits! I'm starting to realize that my blog is casting me in a bad light... I don't really spend all that much money anymore, really! It's just the shoes and the bathing suits. And maybe a few other "necessities" for the trip, of course. Other than that I've been great at being frugal! We've got to save up if we're ever going to own property in our lives.

Speaking of property, I saw the perfect condo for us today (online). 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and in Thousand Oaks (nice area). Most crucial was the killer price. I'm not going to list it because some of my readers from places like Idaho would choke on their nutrigrain bars if they knew that a measly 1200 square foot townhome costs that much out here. But for out here, it's amazing! Unfortunately the place already has like 3 offers on it. And we weren't really planning on buying rightthisminute... but it never hurts to look, right?

At least in 31 days, I'll be burrying my toesies in the sand rightthisminute. Yay!

Any more suggestions of fabu things to do on Maui are greatly appreciated! So far we've booked our glorious luau and snorkeling expedition. We seriously cannot wait.