Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Calling all photographers!

Hello my lovelies. So the hubs and I are heading to Maui in a couple months and naturally the planning is well underway. I want to know the best way to waterproof my camera. I actually have two, a Nikon D60 and a little Casio Exilim. I imagine taking loads of photos, yet am paralyzed with fear of ruining a camera via splashing from a waterfall. And what about when we go snorkeling? I want to capture the fishies underwater!

I came across this website that has waterproofing cases for cameras. I'm terrified to even try with my big Nikon (plus it costs $150), but for $34.95, should I get it for the little guy? They say it can go up to 6 meters under water, and the case floats.

One of the snorkel tours we're considering rents out cameras with 36 exposures for $40. Wouldn't it just be easier to waterproof our existing camera and have unlimited pics? Would you risk it?

I have a vision of bathing under a waterfall, and taking in the majestic scenery... and of course capturing the moment on a memory card. Help a girl out.


bbjoys said...

Hmmm, that's a tough one. I have a Canon 20D and an XTi, and I would be too chicken to take either of those near water.

Those waterproof cases do sound interesting, though. I just don't think I'd have the guts to try them.

SweetNiki said...

I think for that price I would read some reviews on the waterproofing kit before buying anything. If they sound good go for it, and test it out at home before the trip. If not, go with the $40 fee on the snorkeling tour or buy those water cameras that are about $30 anyways. No need to risk ruining your cameras that's for sure!