Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3 Nights of no sleep, 2 brand new teeth, and one happy babyyyyyyy!

What, too early/late for Christmas spirit?

We have exciting news on the oral front - Gabriella has not one but TWO brand spankin' new teeth to show off. We knew they were finally trying to break through last Friday when we kicked off a series of sleepless nights, but by Sunday afternoon I was finally able to feel a liiiiittle sharp tooth poking through on both sides. Yes, the vampire teeth have made their appearance. Yesterday at her 10 month visit the pedi confirmed the bad boys were indeed in, and we were able to see her front tooth starting to make its way through soon, so she won't have a goofy smile after all (Unless it's her big silly ol' grin when I smell her feet and pretend they're stinky. The kid loves it when she thinks her feet smell).

She also weighs in at a whopping 23 lbs! (you'd think my arms would be in better shape, no?). Still holding steady in the 90th percentile. Her height was just under 30 inches as well (I don't have the paper in front of me so I can't recall if it was 29.5 or 29.75 inches. Why does forgetting this tiny detail make me feel guilty? I need to work on that...). She got her polio vaccine this month, and the dr. said he actually doesn't need to see her again until after she turns 1! It's crazy to me that almost a year has flown by. We go every month for checkups to spread out her vaccines, and now I just don't know what I'll do with myself without an 11 month visit. Maybe nap? ;-)

Oh and I never got around to posting these from about a month ago. I kind of love them too much to not share!


Ashley Paige said...

yay for new chompers! we cut our first two the morning of our 7 month birthday and then just two days ago (shortly before month nine!) cut our top middle two! i can't believe it.. teeth make them look like grownup babies! ahhhh!!

that second picture is too sweet.. it looks like a self-shot a la Myspace! Hah! have a great day!

Mrs. Lexi said...

Ashley, I KNOW! Little adult babies :-)

Maybe now she'll actually chew her food instead of trying to swallow every bit whole!

Mother of Ambition said...

Oh! I'm jealous that they're through her gums already! Emma has 3 that I can see under there ready to come out. We haven't slept well in weeks! Aaahhh!

melissa said...

Ok.. that first picture is too much! I love her little model pose :) And Olivia has the same little outfit!