Thursday, July 21, 2011

13 Months Old!

Yeah, you didn't think I was done with the whole monthly update/photos did you?! She really is getting harder and harder to photograph as she gets older. I was chasing her around the park this afternoon as she ran circles around me! *sigh* These aren't the best pics but they're pretty much all about where she's at right now. All over the place! Here's what we've been up to this past month:
  • Gabriella's 7th tooth came out to join us this month. Bottom right. Err her left. Our right. 
  • She is really making a great effort to repeat what we say. The other day hubby heard her say happy after he said it. She keeps saying "Tim". We don't know who Tim is. Either she has an imaginary friend, or a boyfriend. I thought as parents we were supposed to be experts at figuring out what our kid is saying!
  • She pats her head when we ask her where her head is. When we ask where her belly is, sometimes she'll rub her tummy. And when we ask her where her nose is, she shakes her head no! Haha how do you explain the difference between no and nose to a toddler? She'll shake her head no if you say "know" also. Man this English language is hard.
  • She finally gives hugs when we ask her for hugs! She kept giving us the cold shoulder with that for a while. Now if we can just get her to give us kisses, we'll be happy campers! Apparently she's in a no-PDA phase.
  • Still taking a bottle. Has absolutely zero interest in trying one of the 16 different kinds of sippy cups we've gotten her. We've even tried just regular straws and drinking straight from a cup. It ain't happening. Bottles are cool, dude.
  • Her naps have regulated themselves to being pretty clockwork now. 8:15 - 9:30 ish and 1 - 3 ish. She wakes up every day around 6 a.m. and goes to bed at 7:30. 
  • Will only eat if she feeds herself. Otherwise she'll spit whatever it is out and put it back in herself. She's gotta be in control now. If it's something like soup, I just give her a spoon and after I give her a spoonful, she sticks her spoon in her mouth, as if she's the one doing it. Silly girl.
  • Her favorite games right now are peek-a-boo, bringing me random items (and even ones that I ask for specifically!), and dancing. She loves grooving to music, especially her newest love, The Wiggles. Seriously this Wiggles shit is crazy. We looked at ticket prices to see them when they play in our area - umm $65 a ticket. Hey, they're a legit band, right? Adam and I get the music stuck in our heads all day long. I think we kind of like it, which is the scary part.
  • I'm certain I'm missing a million other things, because she is growing by the minute! It's so funny to think that a couple months ago we had to carry her everywhere (or use the stroller), and now she prefers to walk around like us! Though admittedly it does slow us down, as she loves to stop for the occasional rock inspection or dog. She adores ALL dogs. True story - We were marveling at how much she loves pups and I said we should get her one. Then I realized we have one. Dog mama FAIL.

 The problems a 13 month old has: Which leaf should I eat?

 How am I supposed to fit all my stuff into this purse?!

 Where's my ride?!

 Peek-a-boo! OK, that's not really a problem, but it sure is fun!


PhaseThreeOfLife said...

Oh, the pictures of her with the purse just KILL me! She is so very stylish.

Kacie said...

I absolutely love your blog, and your daughter is just adorable. I have an almost 6 month old myself, so it's nice to see what I have in store!

yeah but not really said...

Love the pic of her standing with her pink purse in the park...just waiting!