Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dear Blog,
So sorry I haven't written in (on) you diligently this past week or so. I have been at odds with what to write and, well, simply too busy. I finished up one of my education classes, which I am super thrilled about because it was majorly time consuming. I have one left for the quarter and that will be done in two weeks! Woo! I'm loving the observation I'm doing in the kindergarten classroom. The little ones are so adorable and it's really touching to see them begin to trust me and see me as an adult in charge! I'm becoming more and more comfortable and excited about being a teacher and I really hope it works out! I should start subbing soon, just so I can get more experience and moola, yet the prospect of it makes me extremely nervous. I should just jump in and do it; get over my silly fright. I passed my cbest and cset all on the first try, so I'm ready!

Anywho, on to even more exciting things... MY Birthday! 15 more days and I will be 24 and old! I can't wait. It's so funny how I still get bubbly and excited for my birthday. I hope that enthusiasm never goes away. I don't want to be one of those people who don't celebrate and ignore the day because they hate aging. I WILL age gracefully. And if not gracefully, well, then I'll just enjoy myself anyway. I need to create my wish list!

1. A great digital camera
2. Some girly bubble bath stuffs
3. Clothes, always, but preferably from the following stores: Banana Republic, Nordstrom's, and urrr well anywhere else I can find great things. I need more "professional, teacher-y" outfits. Hopefully some that I enjoy enough to wear in real life.
4. I've hit a bump. I can't think of more! I'm sure I will as soon as I post, so I will wait until then to follow up!

Hooray for turning 24! (Why does it sound younger than 23 to me?)

P.S. Most wonderfully of all, Adam is taking me to Disneyland! Yaaaay!

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