Monday, February 11, 2008

So we've decided to do the wedding next year because 1) I want to have lots of time to do the cutesy diy projects that go hand in hand with weddings, 2) it's been hell trying to find a venue with availability in August or September, and 3) because I always wanted to get married in 2008 and this would be my funny little way of learning not to be so uptight and just go with the flow. You'd have to be in my head for that to make sense. But we really wanted to make sure that our guests would be able to come since like 75 percent are out of towners. I like the sound of May 30. Most of all I just feel a huge sense of relief that I don't have to scramble to get things done within the next six months and I can just breathe for a while. Ahhh but getting married this year would help us with our taxes. I hate being so indecisive. Pff to practicality I say.

Anyway, I really want to travel more. It seems we so rarely get a chance to and I would like to see more of the world before it's gone (or I am). Unfortunately neither Adam nor I are traveling types - we tend to get homesick easily. And I am a terribly picky eater. Oh and I hate to pack. See, I'm already talking myself out of this traveling business... Note to self: Procrastination and laziness aren't the most admirable of traits.

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