Monday, March 24, 2008

My doctor soul mate...

Update time!

So the first oncologist/hematologist that I saw was a total goon. I'm not going to name names, this is the internet after all, but he really put me off. The most disturbing thing about him perhaps was that when I asked about my fertility preservation options he began talking about sperm. I thought, "fine, he'll get to my eggs..." but NO! He went on about sperm! So I felt the need to remind him I have no sperm. He said, "Oh I know, but I don't know anything about what to do for women." Great, so just pretend I'm a dude!

Not that this is a huge factor in my doctor decision-making, but there was a slight language barrier too. As in, "this is a happy cancer!" Well where's my party hat and dancing shoes?!
The one good thing he did was push up my CT scan and Muga (a heart test to see if my heart can tolerate the battering effects of the A in ABVD). All I had to do was tear up a bit when he said they'd get done next week. So I got them done that evening and the following day.

But enough about Dr. Sperm... today I met the most glorious of doctors. A business associate of my dad's gave him the name of some doc at UCLA here in Santa Clarita. At my father's repetitive insistence that I call to get a second opinion, I reluctantly dialed them this morning. The most pleasant receptionist fit me in today, the same day, to see him. And he is fabulous! For the first time I feel truly positive about everything and I want him absolutely as my doctor. He just had kind eyes and I got "a feeling." And the office was clean and lovely and 5 minutes from my home. Perfection! And with a name like UCLA in front of it, I have peace of mind.

My hair will fall out though.

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