Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why was June so sparse with the posts? I must be lame. And for that I apologize.

I finally bit the proverbial bullet and ordered one bathing suit last night. Why one you ask? Because I have an immense amount of self restraint. And I couldn't find better coupon codes. I had a $10 gift certificate so I used that and a 20 percent off coupon. I'm so thrifty. I decided to go with the white bandeau top with the heart and printed bottoms from Victoria's Secret. Adam made the ultimate final call. I do need 6 more though, not gonna lie.

I am angry at the moment with my computer. The letter T and the space bar are having major issues and I am wondering if it was some renegade diet coke that may have spilled on it (all Adam's fault, really). I suspect he's out to sabotage this laptop because he wants one of the new super tiny ones. He just doesn't get that his big man fingers won't work as efficiently on one of those. He's the 6'2 guy who wants a Mini Cooper too. *sigh*

I found this terrific nail polish called Paint and Peel. You need no nail polish remover to get it off. It all peels off easily. It's like this crap was made for me: I freaking love peeling my nail polish. So I apply this stuff and 20 minutes later I peel it off. It's terrible really. But I love the concept. Oh and the color isn't really true to the bottle, which kind of irks me. I bought a bubble-gum looking pink hue called Blush and it goes on like that yet dries very medium-pink clear. But I like peeling it off. So...

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Hannah said...

ooo I love peeling nail polish off random!