Thursday, October 1, 2009

What gets you through the darkness?

So clearly, the darkest time of my life was last year. The cancer. The treatment. The fear. You get the idea.

So I'd like to say what got me through it. Sure, the support of friends and family and love and blah blah. Of course those were my "rocks" so to speak. But what really got me through was QVC.

Not the Home Shopping Network, because I never quite got on board with that channel. The other shopping channel, QVC. It was on all day and night. I got to know all the hosts. I laughed with them. I nodded along with them when they suggested I needed a wind chime for my large yard (um what yard?). I marveled along with them at the "unreal" prices they were offering me for gold brooches. More than anything, I fought off family and friends who wanted to change the channel to something "more entertaining". No thank you, this is plenty entertaining!

I'm not quite sure what it was. Perhaps because I didn't have much energy for going out to shop? Eh, it wasn't really about the shopping. I mean, after a while I realized the network was targeting 75 year old obese women in middle America. I began to empathize. I couldn't go out to shop, I have arthritis, and I began using words like "darling" and "moneyed".

So was it the companionship? The one-sided companionship? I swear I'm not that crazy.

Today I tuned back in. To visit some old friends. My how some have changed. One has longer hair. Looks great on you, Lisa! Another lost weight. Looking good Patti! And there are some new hosts. I look at them with slight distaste, because quite frankly I am not interested in them. They weren't with me through my darkest time, why should I care about them?

That's when I realize, maybe I am crazy after all.

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