Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Well, it happened. I puked. For the first time this whole pregnancy, last night I puked. Two days away from being 13 weeks, and I puke. Ughhhh, I thought this whole morning sickness thing was supposed to be getting better by now, not worse! What a milestone!

Tonight the darling husband took me to my favorite Italian restaurant for dinner. It was soo delicious. I did in fact devour two baskets of bread and most of my ravioli arrabiata. Don't despair; I polished off the rest shortly after getting home. I'm not ashamed. This was the most fantastic meal I've had in a long time. After dinner we stopped by Bath and Body Works to pick up a bubble bath. I've quite taken to enjoying a soak every evening (warm, not hot of course!). You may be wondering why I deserved such a lovely little treat of an evening midweek. Here's why:

Hubs decided to ruin my life on Monday by leaving the house with MY car key, thus rendering me unable to get to work. Naturally I begin bawling hysterically at my plight, and call him at work screaming like a madwoman. He calmly called his mom, who lives 2 minutes away, and she came and let me take her car to work (I dropped her off at home). Simple solution, right? I was about 10 minutes late nonetheless, yet my boss never even noticed. But my god, I acted as though Adam ate my firstborn. I guess these pregnancy hormones are the real deal, eh? ;-)

I'm such a lucky girl, because he felt so bad he wrote me the most lovely of lovely emails and promised me a yummy little midweek date. And I'm just a crazy madwoman. Hopefully we can endure the next 28ish weeks!

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