Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Damn Boobs.

Are downright pornographic. The time came for me to cave and find a maternity bra. I had sized up to a couple VS bras earlier in my pregnancy, and those were straining to hold the girls in. I had no choice.

Enter the maternity store. Lexi picks up a few bras to try on. She had her eye on the Spanx brallelujah bra, and slips it on. Nope, too snug in the ol' cups. She asks her loving husband to grab her a 36 E. Yes, E. E!!! WTF. Lexi overhears her poor adoring husband asking the saleslady for help finding aforementioned size, and then hears the dreaded statement "there is no bigger than a D in those." She brings me some other wretched contraptions and I try them all on. Sizing up in the band size leaves them swimming on me (even the 36 has to go on the tighter setting). And somehow no matter how big the cup size, nothing worked on me. Nothing. Freaking. Fits.

And then, the loveliest of lovely comments from the husky saleslady herself:

"Well darlin', perhaps you should try Lane Bryant, they have a good variety."

I sat in the dressing room and bawled. Not to say anything against the wonderful plus-sized ladies out there, but I just have never been in that category. I was really rather thin until chemo happened. And even at my post-chemo weight, though I wasn't terribly happy with my physique, I wouldn't have considered myself large! Until I got all fat, I was always skinny. I just wanted a nice comfy maternity bra from this stupid maternity store with a vegetable in the title. Was this too much to ask for?!

This is where I have to give credit to my amazing hubby, who reassured me that I was/am/always will be gorgeous (at least to him I say!) and it's just my pregnant body that's giving me a hard time but that's a beautiful thing. And did I mention that he went bra shopping with me?! What a trooper!

We ended up at Target later in the day and I tried a bra there in a DD and it seemed to fit decently enough, so for $10.99, I bought it. After wearing it today, it is definitely not the comfy fit I would have liked. Or have I seriously grown overnight?


Let's just try not to think about what's going to happen to these old knockers once pregnancy and breastfeeding's all over with.


Margaret said...

Its just for the time being:) Only a few more months and while breastfeeding. I'm sorry though they suggested you go to a plus size store. I find it odd they wouldn't carry a bigger size than D... A lot of women wear sizes bigger than D once they get pregnant. So odd! I wear a double D normally and even pregnant. Its hard to find bras:(

You might want to find a nursing store online that carries nursing bras... Those might come in bigger sizes and be more comfortable!

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