Monday, February 21, 2011

8 Months

is how long it's taken for me to get below my pre-pregnancy weight. 8 months! Whatever, I'm here and it's not stopping, I'm getting to my goal darnit!

But let's not let this be about me. Because 8 months means something completely different for this little somebody:


Gosh what isn't she up to these days! She's been crawling with proper form (tummy off the floor) since last Friday (the 18th). She pushes herself up to sitting. She's turning into a little monkey because she just loves to climb all over me! She walks when we hold her hands. I think she may just start cruising soon because she loves to be standing.

Her favorite toy is still the remote control. She likes the Elmo one I got her just fine, but there's something about the real thing that just has this magical allure to her. Now she's noticing and trying to grab at mama's newest toy: the iphone! Yes, I made the switch over to Verizon to snag this phone so I could be as cool as the rest of 'em, and let me tell you, I'm so glad I did! I love love love this thing. So any suggestions for some awesome apps are totally appreciated. I'll fess up and say I love Words w/ Friends, Angry Birds, Hipstamatic, 8mm camera, Bejeweled, and oh yes - Oregon Trail. AND the amazing Red Laser, which is like a scanner thing so you can check the lowest price on anything by just scanning in the barcode. Seriously if you haven't gotten on the bandwagon yet, go get one now!

OK, OK I'll end my rave. Moving on...

She has two teeth, both bottoms. #2 came in on the first of the month, and I'm expecting a top one to come in soon because she's back to drooling like crazy. Over the weekend I picked up some teething biscuits and she adores them - along with the organic puffs we got her. Here's a little video of her trying to eat them that I shot on (what else?) my iphone (did I tell you how much I love this thing?):

We moved her crib down yet again on Saturday because she's pulling up on everything, so she's now on the lowest level! It's so crazy, her once-adorable crib now looks like a little mini jail cell to me. Next stop is the transition to toddler rails, which I'm not ready for for at least 13 more years.

Anyway, she's much much better from the little cold she had over a week ago. What amazes me so much about her is that even when she was clearly feeling crummy, she still was all smiles. She has the sweetest disposition ever (her daddy suggests she gets it from him!). The other day I was reminiscing on how we used to have to hold her for all her naps, and I realized that she hadn't been held for a nap in months. It made me kind of sad, but the next day she humored her mama and let me hold her for one :-)
 And she's just oh so sweet that the next day she let daddy have his turn too!
I keep saying this as the weeks and months go by, but this is my favorite age. She just has so much personality and is so fun! When she was a couple weeks old I wondered how people ever managed to have more than one, but I can see now - there is light at the end of the newborn tunnel! "They" tell you having a kid is hard, and it really is, but man, is it rewarding!

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