Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The First Cold

Poor little G. She caught her very first cold last Friday. I had hoped we would make it through winter without her getting sick, but it just happened. Even though it was clear she was feeling lousy, she still was in mostly happy spirits. She was pretty bummed that she had to miss out on a friend's 1st b-day party, but we couldn't take her out and expose other babies to germs, or have her get more sick. Here's a pic of our little trooper:
Gah I love this little girl so much! Yesterday hubby wasn't feeling too hot himself after our big Valentine's day feast (we went out Sunday night) so he stayed home with her while I went to work. I got an excited text from him mid-morning saying she pushed up to sitting all by herself! Then he quickly asked, "Wait - she hasn't done that yet, right? Right??!"

Right, DH! He got to witness a first, and he was so happy and proud. He also sent me a little video of her standing by herself, holding onto the box her froggie humidifier came in. She's becoming so mobile, it's kind of scary. Gone are the days where I wouldn't have to worry about putting her on the bed for a moment while I change! Her favorite thing, and really this is what got her to finally start army-crawling around at top speed - the remote control. She LOVES it.

So much that I had to get her this one, so she could have a proper remote to gnaw on play with.

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