Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DIY Party Hat

The crafting has commenced! I made this special party hat for Gabriella's birthday and it was super easy so I thought I'd share how its done :-) I apologize for the iphone quality pics, this tutorial was clearly an afterthought.


Scrapbook paper - 1 sheet for the hat, another for the number
Marabou feather trim
Glue gun
Existing lame party hat (haha)

Step 1 - Take apart party hat and lay flat on whatever paper you want to use for the main party hat color. I went with a sparkly yellow because of our bee theme. Cut it out. No, really. Cut it.

Step 2 - Reassemble party hat (the tab should fit right back in) and cover it with new awesome paper. Using hot glue, glue it down, man. You may want to staple the paper to the hat close to the bottom to make this easier. It won't show since you'll be covering it up with fluff and stuff.

Step 3 - Hot glue marabou feather goodness all along the bottom. Cut out another piece and tie it into a little knot and glue that at the top of the hat.

Step 4 - Admire your work. Get a diet coke. Have some nachos. Reward yourself. You've worked HARD these last 9 minutes.

Step 4.5 - Cut out a number from another piece of scrapbook paper. If this proves difficult for you, you can always print out a number and use it as a template to cut out from the scrapbook.

Step 5 - Hot glue number on hat.

Step 6 - Place hat on head. Have good time.

If you want you can also remove the elastic part that the hat normally comes with and add your own ribbon, which I plan on doing. You can also opt to cover the back seam with ribbon too, which is something else I am also considering, since, you know, I can never leave well enough alone. ;-)

Only 2.5 more months of preparations to go before her 1st birthday (yep, friends think I'm nuts for starting this early)! I ordered her the most ridiculously adorable pettiskirt tutu deal from etsy and it arrived lightning fast (I was expecting 5 weeks!). I've also decided to do a bubble bar (or bubble zzzzone?). I think that's a fun activity for the little ones to enjoy and grown ups love blowing bubbles too, right? -or am I the only one?

Oh and we finally had our 9 9 1/2 month visit. Thankfully we didn't get any shots this time! She's 22 lbs 3 oz and 29 1/4 inches long (tall? She's standing so much now...) 90th percentiles still. What was super interesting is that while the pedi was examining her, he says, oh, she's cutting a couple teeth! ... nope, it's not her top front teeth... it's the vampire teeth! (not sure what they're called lol). Haha either the other ones are not far behind, OR she's going to have a big ol gap smile ;-)


bbjoys said...

Very cute! Good job. :)

SweetNiki said...

Love the hat, I just might have to steal this idea.

lynn.marie said...

My Gabrielle cut her top "vampire" teeth first too :) My mother-in-law was all worried but it turned out fine....imagine that!