Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How can you not?

Recently I found out about a little girl that needs bone marrow. She is 9 months old. Thinking about the heartache of what her parents are going through shatters my heart, and I just could not stop thinking about it. When I found out about this, the National Marrow Donor Program was also brought to my attention. Here's how it works:

You sign up online. They send you a cheek swab. You swab your cheek and send it back to them. If someone out there in dire need - somebody's baby... somebody's husband... somebody's WORLD - is a match, you can volunteer to donate your marrow. You're still not obligated at this point. But how can you not??

There are two ways that marrow can be collected, and yes, one does involve anesthesia and can be a little painful. More often now, though, it can be collected through the arm, just like having blood drawn. Easy. And even if option 1 is presented, what's a little pain to you if it means saving the life of a baby that a mother would only give her life for if she just could? How does your heart not scream for this poor mother? This sweet baby girl??

I underwent chemotherapy for 18 weeks. I then did radiation for 6 weeks. From that, I have been in remission, but not cured (not considered cured until 5 years have passed). Had those not worked for me... my next step would have been a bone marrow transplant. I might have needed you.

Please, seriously consider this. It just takes a couple minutes online... and a heart.


Britt said...

Poor Kate. And poor Lindsey. This is just breaking my heart. And OF COURSE I signed up!!

Mrs. Lexi said...

Thank you Britt! <3

I'm not really on much anymore, but when someone told me about this, I couldn't not try to do something. I really hope people will do this.