Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Weight Loss Post

I'm about to get buttnaked honest with y'all.

A year ago I weighed 194 lbs.

Holy crap!

I knew I'd gain a little weight with pregnancy (ha), but I never imagined I'd be tipping the scales close to 200 lbs. I mean, it became almost laughable. My friends and family were cheering me on to get to 200. Jerks!

My high school weight was 98 lbs. I actually lied up about my weight on my drivers license - I thought 108 sounded way better. My typical daily diet consisted of spicy chicken sandwiches for lunch and a couple western bacon burgers for dinner. I couldn't gain weight if I tried (and I did try!).

I did get to the 110 range by the end of high school/start of college and stayed within 5 lbs of this for a couple years. Once 22 hit, I "ballooned" (HA) up to 130 lbs and thought this was madness so I did Nutrisystem for a month with my hubby. Back down to 120 I went, and was quite pleased with myself.

I started losing a little weight when I got sick, but once chemo started, I GAINED. The whole MO during chemo is if something sounds good to you, god bless you, eat it. With the constant nausea and all that, they want you to have a burger if that's all you feel you can stomach. That was fine and great - I ate lemon bars and creamy pastas and pizza bagels to my heart's content. Only this time, the pounds stuck on. Well after treatment ended, I discovered my body didn't have that same superawesome metabolism it once had. Chemo must have robbed me of that too.

I became unhappy with my weight and stayed unhappy, but didn't do much in the way of changing things. I tried to limit calories but it never worked for long. We ordered nutrisystem and I came to the realization that after one month, the food is downright disgusting. And what are you supposed to do if you ever want to eat out?

Then I became pregnant. It was a joyous time to be had, embracing eating my "cravings" and loving my big ol' growing belly. I'd always envisioned I'd be one of those little bitty pregnant ladies with a basketball under her shirt, but I was more like a tanker. My ankles were like tree trunks. Oh well, I thought, "I'll lose TONS of weight by breastfeeding! I'll continue pumping well after my kid doesn't even need breastmilk, since it's such a calorie burner!" (P.S. has anyone ever done this?!)

My little love was born and I dropped 40 lbs within a couple days. But that's about it. And after breastfeeding came to an end, I still hadn't lost as much weight as I'd envisioned. I hated looking at pictures of myself, and really hated that I'd hesitate to show off a sweet picture of my daughter because I looked like a whale in it. The new year came, and with that, I knew I NEEDED to make a change.

As I mentioned before, I signed up for weight watchers. My weight on January 3 was 159.5 (GULP!)

Today, June 19, 2011, I am 132 lbs. That's a 27.5 lb loss. Wait, a 62 lb loss from June 2010 ;-)
Excuse the ipad photo, my memory card FRIED yesterday (at a most critical time, might I add!). What's that? Oh, you want a bathing suit photo? Fine.

(taken in late May)
This diet has been incredible - it's not a diet. It's a guide to help you make better choices about what to eat. All junk food is not the same. A Carls Jr. burger can be 30 points and 2 chili dogs, which one might assume would be just as bad, are 18 points. My friends, believe me when I say that I lost this weight by eating foods I love and would normally eat. The key to my little "success" is that I was so stubborn in getting where I wanted to be. I didn't want to feel ugly anymore.

My real goal is 125 lbs. I wanted to be in the 120s by Gabriella's first birthday, and I came darn close (I've plateaued a little bit in the last couple months). I will get there. I feel better about my body today than I have for YEARS, and it truly is an amazing feeling.

I also want to give a shout out to my hubby. He joined WW a week after I did and became just as determined as I was, since he had gained quite a bit of sympathy weight along with me during pregnancy. He's lost 40 lbs!

So yes, it can be done! I'm so proud of us and cannot say enough wonderful things about the Weight Watcher's program. You'd think I get a kickback from them or something, the way I rave about 'em... And I can't believe I just told the world my real weight. Isn't that against the woman code or something?


Kristin {Sea Cow Circus} said...

You look absolutely amazing! That's amazing, for both you and your husband. And I'm so happy you FEEL good about yourself. I'm inspired by your loss - I have several pounds to lose and have had success with WW, but post-baby I'm struggling to consistently stick to watching what I eat and exercise. I can totally relate to cringing at the photos of the cute baby because I feel like I look like a whale.

Congrats on your accomplishment, and I love your attitude about the weight loss and the remaining pounds. You are knocking down those goals :) And totally rockin' the cute, flattering swimsuit :)

Katie said...

You look AWESOME! Congratulations on your weight loss!! I have been following your blog since you were pregnant, and my son was born on June 16th, 2010 (just a few days before your sweet girl!). I have been on a weight loss journey since January, and I started a lot heavier than you! check out my blog if you want for all of the details, but don't freak at the numbers you see;) By the way, LOVE your swimsuit!!!

Happy first birthday to Gabriella!!

Jennifer said...

Wow! Congratulations!! You look amazing! I used to be like you and was super tiny and had to fight to get above 100 lbs. I never want to be that skinny again, but I do miss that metabolism.

Freddie and Haley said...

YAY Lexi! You look awesome! Congrats on the weight loss my friend. A bathing suit photo?!?! You are awesome and much braver that most. You can do it sister! By the way the pictures of you preggo were GORGEOUS! Yes you were bigger than you wanted to be but seriously you could see your excitement and joy that you were creating lil G in every picture. Thanks for being so honest and awesome! :) PS let me know anytime you want you go walking. Now that you are in simi we can take the kiddos out and get a good workout too :)

Amanda said...

You look wonderful!!! I have tried WW (FOR A WEEK) and I really did love the way I felt. I just need to stay strict on myself!!!!
:) Good job!! You're an inspiration!

Jill said...

Inspiring! I have several post-baby lbs to lose still and I should probably hop on the WW bandwagon! Did you do online or meetings?

Mrs. Lexi said...

Thank you everyone!

Haley - we should definitely get together! Though I'm 120% sure I wouldn't be able to keep up with you ;-)

Jill - I did online. I could never do meetings because a) I don't have the time, and b) I don't like people. Errr I mean I don't want to be weighed in front of people. That sounds better, right?

Cori said...

Wahoooo what a hot momma! Way to go!

Mrs. D said...

Um. Wow. This post was inspiring & amazing. YOU, Lady, look INCREDIBLE!!

Jill said...

Yay!!!! I love this post!! I started WW online at the end of April and WOW, I loveeee the new plan. I have tried WW online several times since giving birth 2 years ago and the old plan was terrible, I failed on it every time. The new points plus plan is great, I still eat foods I love, like burgers from Wendy's and nuggets from McD's and have lost weight every week. Except the last 2 weeks, my son had surgery and was in the hospital and it was just not happening for me, but now that we are home, I am back on track. You can check out my blog for my pictures, I did a post a few weeks back. I'm down from 153 lbs at the end of March to 139 lbs right now!! yeah!!! And I am not lying when I say I've had my share of mochas from Sbux, fast food here and there and ice cream and still lost, crazy how great WW has worked.

You look amazing!!! I love your swimsuit!!

Mother of Ambition said...

Your post is so timely for me! My husband and I just decided to start WW to lose the weight we gained when I was pregnant! I've done WW before so I know it works and it's the only plan I trust to NOT throw me back into my eating disorder tendencies! Thanks so much for sharing your story! You're so brave and beautiful!!

Jennifer said...

You are amazing. Thank you for sharing, your story is both inspirational and motivational!