Friday, September 5, 2008

Wife Swap?

So I'm puttering around the house with the television in the background but I had to stop and watch when I saw this show. I always thought the premise of Wife Swap was sort of twisted but seeing how truly weird some people are was mind boggling.
Family one featured two rude and obese teenage daughters and their equally rude and obese parents. Family number two was an uber conservative Christian family with 5 children. And a whip called the "whacker."
At first I thought the disgustingly fat permissive family was completely horrible, yet after watching the militant-like parenting in the Christian family, I concluded that both were out of touch with reality. Yes, kids should be kids but they do need order and discipline, otherwise they have no chance in the real world.
The whole corporal punishment thing is beyond me. The reason parents spank their children is to let out their own frustration with them, and I believe it serves no purpose in actually disciplining the child and helping them realize the wrong that they did. Communication is imperative when parenting.
Now if you'll excuse me, I must go back to watching a redneck chauvinist get yelled at by a proud working black woman.

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