Thursday, July 8, 2010

Post-Partum Poll

  •  How far along were you when you had your baby? 39 weeks 5 days.
  • How long was labor? 26 hours precisely.
  • Total weight gain: 45 pounds *faints*
  • Total weight loss since: 32 lbs! But I really want to lose like 25 more pounds...
  • Back into your own clothes yet? I haven't had the nerve to try on my pre-pregnancy jeans yet, but my tops and sweats fit just fine.
  • Did you get stretch marks? God, did I! I feel like now that my belly has deflated (for the most part) I'm really noticing them. I'm rubbing some special stuff on em hoping it will do something, but who knows? I hear they fade, and hopefully a spray tan will cover them?
  • Did you deliver vaginally or by c-section? C-sec.
  • Best moment this week: I wouldn't necessarily call it a moment, but I feel like I'm definitely getting the hang of things better now. Maybe she's not as fussy, maybe I'm just better at soothing her, maybe I can be a good mommy after all!
  • What I miss about being pregnant: Feeling her moving inside me.
  • How big is baby: 8 pounds 6 ounces today! She's gaining weight which is a total relief! I thought for sure my breastmilk was jipping her but dr. says everything looks great and to keep doing what I'm doing.
  • Baby's temperament? She can be fussy at times because she's a bit gassy, but it seems that Mylicon has been helping her quite a bit. She is so much more alert lately and is having a lot more "content" moments.
  • What I am looking forward to: Hearing and seeing her laughs and knowing it's not just gas but actual happiness!
 So today's dr. appt. went super well. She's now 21 1/4 inches (OMG did she really grow?!) and 8 lbs 6 oz. And it was time for that dreaded shot, and my goodness was she a brave little girl! She only cried for like 30 seconds and then fell right asleep in my arms. If only her mama was as brave as her (I couldn't help but cry). This morning I also introduced a bottle to her. I just wanted to top her off a bit before the dr. appt. so I gave her an ounce of pumped milk and she scarfed it down like it was nothing. I can see how easy and convenient it is to formula feed, and it makes it so tempting. But I'm holding my ground because I feel like she can benefit so much from my breast milk. And plus, there are no bottles to clean up with the ol boobies. :-)


Anne said...

Thanks for sharing, I think it is so interesting! Also, love the new bath pics from below, she is so gorgeous!

MrsBro... said...

You need a picture Lady!
The babe is too darn adorable for words!!