Thursday, September 23, 2010

3 Months Old!

That's a quarter of a year... already!

We had a family date night last week and went out for Indian food. G loves spicy food. I probably had spicy daily when I was pregnant, so that could be why she doesn't mind the breastmilk when I still eat it. She also now loves being involved in conversations and prefers to sit facing out so she can look at everyone/thing.
Here are my two loves...
I love her big ol gummy smiles!

We had a dr. appointment today, and we're filling out quite nicely! I had predicted 13 lbs 8 oz... and I was right on the money! She's also up to 24 inches. 2 feet already... *sigh* she's getting old.

I totally lied to her before and said she wouldn't be getting any shots today (I thought there wouldn't be any), so when the dr. said she was getting 3, I felt horrible. She was not prepared. I was not prepared. I guess my disdain for her getting stuck with a needle will never go away. She took them like a champ though! My baby girl is one tough cookie.
We got her a Sophie, per everyone and their mothers' recommendations. She loves it! She does prefer her fists though.

So over the weekend we took her to get some pictures taken at Sears because I had a free coupon, and I figured we had nothing to lose (except our dignity it turns out). They seriously just let anyone work there as a "photographer". One of the girls actually said shit and crap multiple times throughout the session because she kept missing shots. Seriously?! I'm no square but that's so unprofessional. The pictures look like anyone could have taken them, but that's not the worst part. I hand over my coupon, and she says I have to spend at least $50 for it to apply. Um what?

She points out that in microscopic print at the bottom of the card (not on the coupon part, which I had scoured beforehand) it says restrictions may apply. Ugh. She said I could use another coupon I had for a portrait package for $4.99. A 10x13, 8x10, 4 5x7, 16 wallets, 16 minis, and a partridge in a pear tree. So I did. And we paid $20 for 2 more 5x7s of a different pose. Because I couldn't decide which mediocre photograph to select. And because even though the "portrait" quality sucks, my daughter looks fucking cute as hell in the picture. Oops I cussed. See, I told you I'm no square. Either way, I left feeling defeated. Sears bested me.

I came home and decided I could do way better. I set up a little "studio" in our bedroom, and I quite like how this pic turned out...
I totally could have a future as a Sears photog, no?


I mean, it's not just anyone who can capture moments like this:


Melaina25 said...

I would totally write a letter to Sears saying she cussed multiple times. NOT COOL.

Jenifer said...

Our son loves sophie even more now that he is getting his canines and 2 year molars. For the price sophie is still going strong and my son is almost 2! And, sears hasnt been too bad to us, we got some really sweet pictures of Ian for his 1 yr bday. But the "packages" are such a rip off! I love your studio shot its so pretty!

Mrs. Lexi said...

Melaina - I so would write a letter, I'm all about doing that, but I fear they'd send me more coupons!

Thanks Jenifer, it's good to know the Sophie investment will last a while!

Mama Fee said...

LOVE, love love love all of her adorable outfits! You dress her so cute!

Rebecca said...

This is some funny shit lex. I cursed... Clearly I am no square either!

Those pics are adorable. I love the one you took in ur room! It looks like it could be from a studio!

When I think of Sears, I often think about The Brady Bunch movie where they are all going down the escalator singing...ITS A SUNSHINE DAYAYY!!! Did you, Adam, and Baby G sing joyfully aswell?!!!

hehehehehe xoxo