Monday, September 20, 2010

Errr, I'm here!

Whoops, I guess I shouldn't have posted about my scan and then not update for 11 days! Sorry! Everything came back normal, which is a relief. One less thing to worry about for the next year! :-)

I can't believe that my little Gabby-cakes is going to be 3 months old tomorrow. It's so not fair how fast she is growing up! On the other hand, she is so much more agreeable at this age, so I won't argue with it! She's alert and observes everything around her all the time (TV included, *groan*). She gives us little coos and giggle-almost-laughs all the time too. We have her 3 month appointment on Thursday so I'm sure I'll have plenty of updates then.

Oh, and where do you get a baby's ears pierced? Because I'm really terrified at the idea of some teenager at Claire's doing it. One of my best friends gave me (well, Gabriella) beautiful little baby pearl earrings for my baby shower and I can't wait for her to be able to wear them. We'd like to have her ears pierced while she's young for a couple reasons - I believe it's easier than when she's older and can both remember the pain and yank at them, and two, I had mine done when I was a wee baby. Like still in the hospital wee. It's how we do in Romania, yo. And I never resented my parents for it (in fact, I was always grateful - I saw how my classmates in grade school would get nasty infections, and I never had problems). Bonus reason? Maybe morons on the street will stop saying what a cute little BOY I have - uh hello, she's all girl! Do you not notice her pink outfit, pink blanket and BOW on her head?! Some people...

That's all for now! I'll leave y'all with some pics of G at the little music circus we took her to last weekend. Music circus in my mind = a band and animals and some sort of candied treats. Music circus in reality = kooky lady with a keyboard and some tables with crayons set out. We had a really nice family day anyway, and I think G actually liked all the music. All the little kids loved seeing her too, it's funny how so many kids love babies.

And finally an example of how her hands are in her mouth ALL the time now. She just loves to nom on her fist. She's smackin away on it right now too haha. I keep trying to replace it with the paci but there's just something about her hand...
Oh ok fine, one more... At a labor day block party, passed out from all the commotion :-)

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Mrs. S said...

Gosh...she is to CUTE! Glad your appt. went well!