Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hah it's actually one of my pet peeves when people wish you a happy new year like a week after the new year. Ah I guess it's a nice thing to do, but whatev. Anyway, I've got a little updating to do! We had a fun little weekend get away with some friends at their cabin in Lake Arrowhead. It was Gabriella's first time seeing the snow, and I'm not quite sure she was too impressed. She was actually quite indifferent!

I on the other hand don't think I could hack it living in the snow. The ground is slippery. How do you carry your baby around on an icy driveway!? And naturally G had a blowout poo in the car. Usually I just pop open the trunk and change her on the nice big flat surface. Nope, not in the snow! I had to maneuver changing her in the passenger's seat. Not an easy task to do (at least not in our friends' SUV). And digging your car out of the snow every morning?? It took the boys an hour to get our car out so we could leave. I think I'm more of a fan of watching the snowy goodness from the warm indoors a couple days out of the year. L.A. weather has spoiled me.

I've included some captions. They should probably go underneath the photos, yet I did it the wrong was and have zero motivation to correct it. I apologize for my laziness Who cares? ;-)

Her "auntie" Kristin was so happy to get some snuggles in with G. Boo to our friends for moving down to San Diego.

This was moments before she decided to make the biggest poop known to man inside the car.

Riley was so good with G! And Gabriella absolutely loved her too. I can see them being great friends in a few years :-)

I had a little fun with some PW Photoshop Actions.


The view of the lake. Well you can't see any lake because it was snowing, but when it was clear there was a nice view of the lake.
Our friends' two little ones, Riley and Cayden. Aren't they so cute all bundled up in their snow gear?!

G and Cayden were both making eyes at each other... we're going to have to watch out for those two!
Snow Angel!
 Adam sledding down the hill in the backyard
Our little SUV buried under snow! We couldn't even park in the driveway because we don't have all wheel drive and it was so icy when we got there. And fail that we didn't have chains, but we didn't do any driving while we were there so it wasn't really a big deal.

Our friends and their little boy, Cayden
Adam found an apple tree so he ate one. Seriously! I told him it was highly likely that it wasn't an apple at all, and probably poisonous bear bait, but he maintains it was the most delicious apple he's ever eaten.
The cabin


G has mastered babbling mama at me now and I absolutely love it. Not sure if it counts as her first word, but isn't that relative? I have a little video of her talking away :-)

And our foray into solids is well underway - she has loved just about everything we've given her: sweet potato, carrots, zucchini, pears, squash, bananas... except a horrible experience with avocado. We apparently hate avocado with the passion of (fill in the blank with something massively descriptive). I gave her a teeny bite the other night and she made a face and kind of gagged a little bit. I made the horrible mistake of trying to give her another little bite - she gagged and then proceeded to projectile vomit all over herself and her high chair tray. She's never thrown up before and I felt so awful. Actually I cried a little. She was all smiles a minute later but mama still feels guilty :-( One thing's certain, I'm not making her eat avocado again!

And since it's a new year and all, naturally it's time to get fit. I mean, doesn't everyone somewhat aspire to do this every January (and usually fail by February - ha!)? We've been having so much fun with the X Box Kinect Santa brought for Adam this year - this dance game is such fun and a major workout!

I think I may have forgotten to update about my arthritis situation; I ended up not going on the methotrexate drug. It just made me too apprehensive to be taking a chemo medication, so I sought out a second opinion and this dr. actually recommended cortizone injections in my knees along with other medication. Yeah shots in the knees are as frightening as it sounds, but the minute of pain has been SO WORTH IT. Oh my panini what I can do with my knees now! It's like I'm a child again - I can leap and bend and sit with absolutely ZERO pain whatsoever. I can't believe I didn't try this before. Coupled with Celebrex, I've been doing much better. Hence the getting crunk.

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Britt said...

Your pictures are great! I'm really trying to learn how to get better with my photography skills... so naturally I'm a little jealous of yours :)

Looks like fun and I live in the snow (in Iowa)so I'm used to the constant fear of falling with a baby in tow but luckily it's only happened once (last year) so we will see what this year brings! :)