Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We haz a tooth!

And we aren't exactly thrilled about it! Poor little G. She didn't sleep very well at all the other night, and then yesterday morning she was sticking her tongue out a lot. I decided to feel her gum and sure enough, I felt a little sharp something poking through on the bottom left (her right)! I was totally surprised, because while she slept poorly, she still wasn't up all night screaming or anything. She was a little fussy during the morning, but yesterday afternoon I guess it all hit home, because she could not stop screaming from the pain. I felt so horrible for her. I gave her some all natural Camilia from Whole Foods to help and I guess it did help a little because she was able to calm down enough to finally go down for her afternoon nap (and she slept for 2 1/2 hours after that). We are now stocked up with Baby Orajel and her teethers are all cooling in the freezer. Whew!

As I told her, I'd rather grow a massive tooth out of my forehead than have to have her go through this pain, but I know she's not going to want to be eating puree-d everything when she's 20 so teeth it is. I made her a nice juicy steak to celebrate.

Yeah right, I would never do that. Steak is so gross.

Here's another look at the lil guy pokin through...
Can you see it??


Here, I'll help.
:-D Isn't it purdy?


Sarah Swift said...

Yay teeth! She is becoming such a grown up!

Britt said...

hahaha! You always make me laugh!!

mrs.g said...

Ouchie! We are currently headed this direction. My husband and mom say they can feel the tooth but it has yet to make an appearance.