Friday, December 19, 2008

baby baby

My best friend just had her baby boy on Wednesday evening. She had a planned C-section for January 28th, but she just went into labor early. So little Colton or Caden (they haven't decided yet) came into the world early, at 4 lbs., 6 ounces. He's going to be in the nicu a while, so please, if you're one of my 3 readers send positive thoughts their way.

While she and her hubby were in delivery, we took care of her utterly adorable 2 year old daughter, Riley. We took her to Target to buy her a doll and a few other miscellaneous for mommy, and she was so well behaved! Adam is going to be an amazing father one day. And maybe I won't be so shabby as mum either. Singing nursery rhymes in the car isn't as lame as I thought it'd be.

In other news, I can't believe it snowed in Vegas. I'm a little jealous. I hate this in between weather. It's so miserably cold here yet the sun is shining. What gives?! I want to at least see some powder and flurries if I have to bundle up.

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