Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To Hell with Lowe's

So remember how I got a great tree for 25% off at Lowe's? Now they're 50% off. And when I discovered this last night, I became very sad and depressed. Then an associate said they would price match. Hoorah!

So I went today with my receipt (with which by the grace of God I had kept) to get my money back and received the most horrendous treatment ever. They made me cry. I don't even want to go into detail, but "of course they would never price match on a holiday item, even if I got it a few days ago. I could return it and buy another..." "give us the name of whoever told you that and we'll fire them."
But they wouldn't answer if I could return it and rebuy it at the lower price. And they just ignored me and talked amongst themselves, as if I wasn't standing there asking a question. I felt humiliated. The guy Jim who at first said he wasn't a manager, then said he was when I asked to speak to one snapped at me.

I wanted to scream. I wanted to pull out the cancer card and say hello, is this how you treat someone who's gone through hell?!?! But I just walked out of there with my shoulders drooped. And on the drive home I lost it and started crying. I don't know what it was. Rude treatment, fine, I've gotten it before from many different stores. I probably was rude a few times when I worked retail. But it really hurt. Being ignored hurt. Being looked at like I'm gross hurt. I felt like they judged me by the way I looked. I felt insecure and embarrassed all of a sudden for my short hair. Did they think I was some kind of punk, because I donned what I thought was a clever faux hawk? I'm surely reading into it too much.

But I think I deserve to get the credit back for the price difference. NOWHERE on the receipt says final sale or anything like that. This is just bad customer service. I am now a Home Depot convert for sure. Fuck Lowe's.

To make matters worse I get a call to schedule my Pet Scan for next week. Just another jolly reminder that I'm still a somewhat prisoner of my health. Whatever happened to this being a GREAT day??

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