Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. I absolutely, positively hate odd numbers.

2. I have a nagging suspicion that my mailman withholds mail from me. I feel that I am entitled to much more mail than I'm currently getting. I think people don't snail mail enough anymore, which is quite sad. I love to send Thank You cards.

3. I'm terribly self-conscious. I often feel inadequate and wish that I had better social graces. I am an outgoing beast with the people closest to me, and live to make people laugh, yet with acquaintances I'm as shy and awkward as can be, which has led to many regrets.

4. I was born in Bucharest, Romania and came to America when I was 2 and a half. This was during a strict communist regime, where it was very difficult to leave the country. My dad was a top sports journalist and came to L.A. to cover the 1984 olympics and decided to defect and stay here. It took my mom and I two years to come, and during that time our phones were tapped and my father was deemed a traitor to his country. The government burned my birth certificate.

5. I have a paralyzing fear of birds. Paralyzing.

6. I can't drink coffee. It's for grownups only.

7. I hate slapstick comedy. It's such a cheap laugh. It's not funny! YOU punch yourself in the groin.

8. I consider myself much, much smarter than the average person. And definitely way smarter than you. Because you probably spell definitely definately. That's why. God I'm obnoxious.

9. Another one of my huge fears is that I will get killed by a serial killer. Sometimes, late at night I can't sleep because I think someone's going to come and get me. That's why Adam sleeps on the side of the bed that's closer to the door. So they get him first.

10. I love to travel. Or rather, the idea of traveling. But I get awfully homesick and hate packing. And I used to love to fly, but my husband's phobia of it has officially freaked me out as well. I would love to go to Greece and Italy, ideally soon.

11. I love babies but have a great fear that mine will be funny looking.

12. I often feel that I have clairvoyant abilities. I predicted the coin toss at the Super Bowl. I did also have a 50/50 chance of getting it right.

13. I used to be attached to my cell phone and I recently went about 6 months with it off completely. It was so liberating, yet I am really glad to have finally charged it and be texting again.

14. I love to read and can do so terribly quickly. I can read a book a day, which has become an expensive habit to keep up. loves me.

15. I had Hodgkins Lymphoma last year, which is cancer of the lymph nodes. I went into remission a few months after I started treatment and I never want to look back. I miss my long hair tremendously, yet I got by the treatment itself with laughter and love. It was fun freaking people out by taking off my wig. Now my hair is about 3 1/2 inches long and still curly so I have a mini afro. :-)

16. When I was in Junior High I took my horoscope in Teen magazine so seriously that I avoided going to school on the 3 "bad" days it gave me for the month.

17. I can barely swim. I mean, if you pushed me into the deep end, I wouldn't die or anything, but it wouldn't be pretty.

18. I am a sucker for high heels and shoes in general, yet they really really hurt my feet so I usually end up in my Tory Burch flats or flip flops.

19. My favorite pizza toppings are ham and mushroom, which nobody else likes, ever. I'm so pleased I was an only child and my parents let me have anything I wanted. Although it was lonely at times.

20. I am addicted to cosmetics from Sephora. I am a sucker and a half for cute packaging.

21. Growing up I watched I Love Lucy all the time and still consider it my all-time favorite show. And I think I've turned out a lot like her. I always get myself into household predicaments. I've also read many books about her and know everything there is to know.

22. When it comes to food I can eat the same thing over and over for days on end until I get sick of it. Then I never want it again.

23. I wish I could buy everything from Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma and Crate and Barrel. I love making registries, which I found to be one of the highlights of being engaged. Besides marrying the love of my life, of course. We got married on our 3 year anniversary in an intimate ceremony at the Wynn. I had thought I wanted a huge wedding with all the hoopla but in the end I am so much happier that we just had the nearest and dearest people to us there. I was not stressed and totally blissful. And I still maintain what's left on my registries in the hopes that some random strange benefactor buys me stuff
one day.

24. I lied about my weight on my driver's license when I got it at 16 (up) and when I just renewed it (down).

25. I am so good at Mario Kart (SNES, N64, Wii). I will beat anyone who dare challenge me. Even boys!

Here's a bonus:
26. Nobody tagged me to do this, I did it all on my own after reading other peoples'. That's SO sad.


Melaina25 said...

I also feel that the mailman with holds mail from me and I should be getting much more than I am.

I often sign-up for free samples and catalogs just to get mail...sad.

Mrs. Lexi said...

Haha Melaina I do the same thing! Plus I adore free samples. And when I go to hotels I always take the little bottles of lotion home with me. :-P

Melaina25 said...

Those little bottles are awesome! I use them for business trips when I'm carrying on. My Mom has a whole huge drawer of them they keep for guests.