Sunday, August 30, 2009

3 Days and Packing Sucks!

Is there some sort of secret to packing? I absolutely hate doing it. Yes, I know that the excitement of an upcoming trip should facilitate the luggage stuff-fest, but somehow it doesn't. I'm always left feeling like I overpacked, yet forgot something crucial. And it's not like we're going to some deserted island, where goods will be hard to come by.

If I forget razors, I'm certain a CVS or whatever Maui has will be right around the corner. And how fathomable is it that I will change my underwear 24 times in the 7 days we will be spending there? Am I that likely to soil myself?

Undoubtedly something will be forgotten, and it won't be a tragedy. So I've resolved to be at peace with this. However now, I've resorted to turning my fixation towards all the things that could go wrong.

No, not like the engines of the plane shutting down and plummeting thousands of feet, ablaze, into the depths of the Pacific. I'm talking serious concerns. What if we miss the flight? Or worse yet, what if we're told at the airport that we have too much luggage/too big of a piece of luggage/an unforseeable combination of hair products within our luggage that, unbeknownst to us cause massive explosions (I never trust my flat iron to mingle with polyester)?!?!?!

What if, GASP, they make me take out my precious makeup collection and throw it out?! Seriously, that's my main fear every time I fly. Oh, the horror!

Alright, I need a sedative.

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