Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is my confession.

It's shameful. It's distasteful. It's downright stupid.

I spent 6 minutes in a tanning bed tonight.

Hear me out.

I'm going to be in Maui (duh it's practically all I talk about) in 3 weeks. I'm pasty. Not that I care if I am a golden bronze in my bikini... but I have a fear. A fear that I will enjoy exactly one day on the isle and burn to a crisp and ruin my entire vacation. By being sunburned and in pain. Even though I fully intend to slather on SPF 70+ repeatedly the entire time. It will find me. And I need that base tan for protection.

I understand that somehow this is like laughing in the face of the cancer I just had. And I'm even mortified that I've done this. I'm even debating deleting this post. Really.

But again, I'm developing a mild, controlled tan with minimal exposure now, so that I don't do major damage then.

Hate me now.


Mrs.Andreazza said...

Yikes! Just be careful hun. That definitely seems risky, but from one pasty girl to another, I know how rough it is to get a horrible burn halfway through the vacation and ruin the whole thing!

bbjoys said...

Aw Lexi... well, what's done is done. Just don't let it become a regular thing. Especially with what you've been through already, you know?

Mrs. Lexi said...

Oh agreed! I fully only intend on going only one more time, for minimal minutes. I've just heard that tropical sun can be harsh and terribly damaging on my virgin skin. ;-)

Melaina25 said...

I did this before our wedding. I didn't want to be a lobster since we left for our honeymoon straight from Ohio and well Scotland has no sun.

Is it the wisest move? No. Did I get a purple, horrid sunburn while in the tropics? No.