Sunday, August 2, 2009

1 More Month!!!

Ummm... Is someone getting excited to go to Maui?! I think so!!! I went overboard and got a bunch of bathing suits for the trip... 6 to be exact (and added to the one my mom got me for my birthday back in March, I've got one for each day!).
Before you roll your eyes, I caught a killer clearance sale on VS... 40% off clearance priced suits! I'm starting to realize that my blog is casting me in a bad light... I don't really spend all that much money anymore, really! It's just the shoes and the bathing suits. And maybe a few other "necessities" for the trip, of course. Other than that I've been great at being frugal! We've got to save up if we're ever going to own property in our lives.

Speaking of property, I saw the perfect condo for us today (online). 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and in Thousand Oaks (nice area). Most crucial was the killer price. I'm not going to list it because some of my readers from places like Idaho would choke on their nutrigrain bars if they knew that a measly 1200 square foot townhome costs that much out here. But for out here, it's amazing! Unfortunately the place already has like 3 offers on it. And we weren't really planning on buying rightthisminute... but it never hurts to look, right?

At least in 31 days, I'll be burrying my toesies in the sand rightthisminute. Yay!

Any more suggestions of fabu things to do on Maui are greatly appreciated! So far we've booked our glorious luau and snorkeling expedition. We seriously cannot wait.


k-mart said...

Maui is awsome! We drove up to Haleakala volcano for sunrise. Took the Road to Hana (Try not to make as many stops and get to Hana and the 7 Sacred Pools - if you can stay in Hana for even a night, I would highly recomend it!) If you are in Lahina - get drinks or eat at Kimo's (great view and drinks). Hamburger Paradise is good too in Lahina. If you are on the Northern part of the island - keep going north and there are some great beaches! You can climb some rocks and see great views. Mama's Fish Kitchen that is past the airport on the way to Hana is delicious but expensive! Great beach around there too.
I miss Maui!
Have a great time!!

Anonymous said...

Im so excited for your trip!! Its going to be so much fun! 1 more will be here before you know it!