Saturday, August 22, 2009


This may sound weird, but I miss school. The concept of it, really. I'd like to learn something new. So much time is spent in the classroom waiting for class to be over, waiting for that next step, and when you're all done, you look back and miss it.

I toy around with the idea of taking a photography class, or perhaps a cake decorating class. Something that will be valid and applicable to my life. I keep meaning to experiment with my camera, but to be honest, I have a deep rooted fear of changing the settings and forever messing them up. I have that sort of luck with electronic items.

Adam and I spent the day playing in the pool, testing out our snorkel equipment. On our way home, we picked up some lottery tickets (the jackpot's some obscene amount), and began discussing the whatifs, and the howwearegonnaspendallthatmoneys. We both realized that no matter how much money we have, we would still feel a need to work/do something. Oddly enough, the thought that we'd have the freedom to start up our own businesses excited me the most (well, next to the idea of luxurious travel and an awesome home). I could finally have a little flower shop, or a little bakery (evidently they must be little).

I suppose I could never just sit at home, doing nothing. I did that for a while (it's called unemployment/dealing with illness) and it drove me stir-crazy.

I'll let you know if we win. ;-)

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