Sunday, April 11, 2010

I've been TAGGED!

Thought it would be fun to make it all dramatic-like. Anyhow my homegirl over at Pink Shoes Photography
(can I get away with saying homegirl? Probably not lol) has given me the enjoyable task of answering the following questions...

1) Who is your Style Icon?
 Jennifer Aniston always looks so effortlessly put together and classy. I mean come on, she makes a wifebeater look good!

2) What is your favorite socialite literature book?
Haha does this count as literature? I actually gleaned some great style info from this one!

3) What is your Favorite Theme Party?
I love any party that requires me to look like a total boob.

4) Go To Costume
DH and me, one very random Halloween...

5) Extravagance you cant live without.
At the moment it's this lil guy right here. I just know I will be using it to death in a couple months!

6) Person you admire?
Oprah is amazing.

7) Traits you deplore in yourself.
I tend to be lazy and procrastinate. And sometimes I suffer from low self esteem. Other times I suffer from ridiculously high self esteem. 

9) What talent would you like most to have?
No, not the talent of sexily bathing in tomato sauce (or... blood??!), which naturally I have been blessed with. I adore Giada De Laurentiis, and her magical cooking abilities. I seriously tried passing the name Giada into the consideration list for our baby girl, but DH wasn't too keen on it. I'm not a terrible cook, I'm just... er... well, lazy. OK the more I look at it, the more this picture is starting to creep me out, so I'll leave you with this one:

10) Your greatest achievement.
I'd say beating cancer was a great achievement.

My apologies that I'm entirely too lazy to tag people. If you read this and you liked it, consider yourself tagged to do one too! :-)

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