Wednesday, April 14, 2010

30 Weeks!

How far along?: 30 Weeks
Total weight gain: 27 pounds. There. I said it. My ob isn't concerned, so I suppose I shouldn't be either.
How big is baby?: Well, if you want a rough estimate... 2.91 lbs. and 15.71 inches. But I'm thinking she must be at least 18 pounds by now, you know, to justify aforementioned weight gain.
Maternity clothes?: Yeah.
Stretch marks?: Nothing new to report here.
Sleep?: I slept for 13 hours Monday night and woke up tired still... Ahhh if I could just have one more hour to snooze...
Best moment this week?: Hitting 30 weeks is exciting for me. The number 3 in front of the weeks psychologically makes me feel more confident.
Movement?: Yes and she's officially stretching and rolling into strange positions. But I like it. My ribs, not so much...
Food cravings?: Orange juice like crazy. And croissants are my new crack.
Gender? Girl
Labor signs?: Thankfully no.
Belly button in or out?: Flatskies.
What I miss: I guess I'll be sad here. I am going to miss my grandma. She is 87 and yesterday her intestine burst and she needed emergency surgery. She had the operation and is now heavily sedated, but the dr.'s say her prognosis is not good. They give her a 10% chance. Her cancer has also spread to her bones, so if she does survive the next few days, they really don't know how much longer she will have left since there is no cure for this cancer. It breaks my heart to think that she may not get to meet our little girl. The hardest thing is seeing my mom go through this. Arrghhh I warned you I was going to be sad here!
What I'm looking forward to: Right now it's going to sleep.
Milestone: Being 75% done is rather awesome! 


Kaymee said...

You look amazing! So sorry to hear about your Grandma :(

Britt said...

Sorry to hear about your grandma. She's in my prayers.

Anne said...

Cute picture!! I love the bright green tank. I am really sorry about your Grandmother, that is so sad... :( It sounds like she has been through a lot of pain unfortunately.
Also, the croissants below look amazing...!

Mrs. D said...

30 weeks already?!?!?! I have been following your blog since the beginning of your pregnancy & cannot believe you're already 30 WEEKS!!

You look fabulous! You are literally glowing & 27 lbs SO is not bad! I'm pretty sure I've already gained 27 lbs. haha!

I'm so so sorry to hear aout your Grandma. My Grandma went through a similar situation & it's never easy. I will keep her in my prayers.

Lolo said...

You look great! :)

And I'm sorry to hear about your Grandma. I hope she makes it to meet her great-granddaughter.

Wes and Kimi said...

You are so cute and you totally don't need to worry about weight gain because you look great! I'm so sorry that you are going through a rough time with your Grandma. I hope it all works out.