Wednesday, April 7, 2010

29 Weeks!

Someone asked today, "So when are you due, about a month?"

Uhh no, closer to 11 weeks! Though I think she'll come a week or so early. Based on part intuition, part wishful thinking. I'm still measuring a tiny bit ahead, but the gap is smaller (on Monday I was measuring 29/30 weeks). I'm really starting to feel "huge" now. I grunt getting up out of bed or trying to put my shoes on. It's just so lovely and ladylike! And I am ready to file my first major complaint. Two days ago I felt as though my ribs were broken. Some rearranging is going on in there and it hurts like a motha. I didn't think it would get this way since I figure I'm carrying pretty darn low, but dear baby Jesus, this rib pain is serious business. It's been better today, so hopefully that was it (yeah right)!

I'm getting super excited for my baby shower though! The invites are too adorable to not show them off...
Obviously not my info, since this is the wild internets after all, but I can't wait for the big day (May 1st)! I feel so lucky that I have a whole "committee" of hostesses. :-) Now I just need to find something to wear that doesn't have me resembling a whale too much.

Tops are getting shorter and shorter on me, and it actually got cold here in So Cal for the past week, so I had to bust out my long sleeved maternity shirts, which are now short on me! And as behemoth-like as I feel, my stupid Motherhood maternity jeans sag off of me, even though they're size small. Talk about vanity sizing, since there is no way in h-e-double hockey sticks I'm an extra small at this stage in my thigh's lifetime. And the Old Navy bargain jeans with the elastic waistband hurt to wear. And of course, the two pairs of designer maternity jeans I have also droop, so I'm constantly having to pull them up. I just want to loft around in mumus maxi dresses already!

*sigh* I'll be complaining of the heat soon enough. I do a lot of that, don't I? ;-)


Gena said...

You are adorable!

jss said...

Hahaha, I've managed to completely convince myself that I'm going to go into labor a week early because I too am measuring about a week ahead.

If this little guy doesn't come out one week early, I am going to be seriously disappointed :)

-Jess (

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