Monday, April 19, 2010

It happened AGAIN!

Fabulous Mrs. D over at has bestowed upon me this adorable award! She's so sweet, I highly recommend you hightail it over and check out her bloggy blog. Thanks Mrs. D!

The rules for this award go as followed:

* Accept & thank the fellow bloggie who gave this to you
* List 10 things about yourself
* List 5 additional things that you don't like
* Award this to 10 other fellow bloggies

1- It is highly important to me that you all think I am waaaay smarter than I actually am. 

2- I actually don't mind anyone touching my belly, and I secretly think that those who do hate it either because they're chubsters to begin with or they're trying to consciously cultivate an eccentricity so as to distract us from the fact that they're devoid of any actual personality. I know that sounded way smart, but I'm fairly sure I stole the line from SATC!

3- I don't really like red meat. I suppose the only time I really eat it is on a cheeseburger, and even then it's all about the sauce, cheese and bread for me.

4- I'm pretty much afraid of everyone's dog but my own (and even he can be scary at times!)

5- If I could keep the packaging of everything I bought, I probably would. I just love how adorably some cosmetics/shoes/assorted candy comes packaged, but DH makes me throw them out!

6- My hubby and I play the Sims together sometimes. We get really into it for a few days and do nothing else but make up weird characters or characters just like ourselves (or rather how handsomely we see ourselves) and build little dream houses and live out their lives. We're really dorky I guess!

7- I'm the only person I know that likes flan.

8- People always mention places they would love to travel, but I have to say that I have absolutely NO desire to go to Australia. It's on so many peoples' "must visit" lists, yet the place terrifies me for some reason. 

9- I'm dying to start up some sort of creative business venture, yet haven't quite found my specialty yet. If I could just find a way to make money from home...

10- I'm terribly indecisive and spent over 10 minutes trying to come up with a clever #10. How's that for a #10?!

Now for 5 things I don't like:
1- Liver. The smell is just vile.
2- Liars. I always catch people lying and it's ridiculous!
3- People who won't admit they pick their nose. Come on, I'm pretty sure everyone's had to get in there at some point!
4- Spiders, crickets, bugs, and other assorted vermin. I wish they'd never enter my house or its immediate surroundings. Though I must say this house has barely had an appearance by any of those *knock on wood*
5- Pulp. I want to drink my orange juice, not chew it!
Now, I shall pass on this award to the following lucky ladies: 
Mrs. Lucan
Pink Shoes Photography
Mrs. Grant
Tommy Tutone

*giggles* One of those is fake! I don't know why this is so amusing to me... perhaps sleep deprivation plays a small part?


Mrs. D said...

HAHAHA! I love this! Espesh #10 ;)

Pink Shoes Photography said...

Thanks sweetness!! Love you!!!

Mrs. Grant said...

That is so sweet!! Why thank you!!!