Wednesday, June 9, 2010

38 Weeks

How far along?: 38 Weeks
Total weight gain: A whopping 40. So sue me. I'm so SO swollen though that I'm convinced it's a ton of water weight. 
How big is baby?: A watermelon now! i.e. big enough to be born :-)
Maternity clothes?: Honestly, I have nothing to wear. All my shirts are just too short. It's too hot to wear jeans. I scare people in shorts. I feel too dressy wearing maxi dresses to work (I work in a pretty casual environment). Can I just walk around in my underwear? kthanx.
Stretch marks?: Yup! Go ahead and laugh, but if you do, you'll be cursed with the same misfortune. I mean they're not terrible, but there are some, and they've creeped up just in the last couple weeks. My belly is so huge and tight! Ah well... They make hot one-pieces, right? Waaaaah!
Sleep?: I'm sleeping quite well so far this week. Still waking up just once a night to pee. Again, I must sing praises for the Snoogle. DH wants to steal it frome me.
Best moment this week?: Making her little pillow. It made me so happy to make something for her. Also, we got a ton of cleaning/organizing done, so I feel much more prepared! 
Movement?: It's slowed a bit, but she will still stick out a knee or butt here and there. 
Food cravings?: Not really craving much, just thirsty all the time. 
Gender? Girly
Labor signs?: My 38 week appointment concludes - still completely closed, high and thick. She ain't coming anytime too soon I feel...
Belly button in or out?: Out. 
What I miss: My skinny feet. These puppies are so swollen the skin hurts! I also have a strong urge to wear denim cutoffs and a tank top.
What I'm looking forward to: Meeting the little princess now, of course. 
Milestone: Being 38 weeks pregnant is enough, no?

Friday's my last day of work, woot! I'm ready to be done, I can't handle any more traffic, and really I just want to be at home so I can clorox wipe the baseboards daily. Plus I need to do more little craft-y projects, they're just so fun! But as a departure, can we discuss underboob sweat? Ew man! I've never had such sweaty boobs - could be that they're monstrous now... I can seriously hide things under them. Really.  They can hold the remote control. Have I said too much?


Care said...

Oh you are getting sooo close. You look great! LOL at underboob sweat. Congrats on 38 weeks!

Britt said...

You seriously make me laugh each time I read one of your posts!!

Jennifer said...

Ha ha! The booby sweat is horrible! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I want to soak myself in spray deodorant and maybe stick a few dozen tissues under there to soak up the nastiness.

Mrs. D said...

You really look SO great for 38 weeks! I don't think 40lbs is bad at all!! You will drop it really fast, I'm sure!!

So are you planning on going back to work when baby girl comes? Sorry, I'm nosey!

YAY for her ALMOST being here! I can't wait to see what she looks like.

Mrs. Grant said...

You look fabulous and such a good attitude! I am pretty sure I will just be DONE by that funny comments included.