Monday, June 14, 2010

The List

We've been debating and debating it. I've been agonizing over it. This decision is huge, of course. Bigger than paint color, or crib design, or even shoes. Her name! We sort of finally have a list of contenders that we're trying to decide from. The problem is I have something to say about everything (natch). I think what we're going to try to do is pretend baby's name is one of these every day (so holy crap, if I keep adding names to the list I really will go into July). I think since we're so late in the game, we're really not going to make a final final decision until she's born and we get a peep at her. That way we'll know if she's really a ________ or a ____. In no particular order (and with SSA's 2009 ranking in parenthesis):

1. Charlotte (68)- I love this name because of how classic, sophisticated and lovely it looks/sounds to me. My name is Alexandra and I feel like it's sort of in the same style - regal and superior (lol). I think the nickname Charlie is really cute for a girl. There's also the nickname Lottie, which is cute too. Problems? Well, I guess it's kind of long (9 letters, like my name), though it's only two syllables. I don't want her to be called "Char". And is it too much of a Sex and the City throwback?

2. Lila (168)- I loved this name since I was in high school. I think it's very sweet, and I sort of like that it's not super-long. I'm not really a fan of "Delilah" which, like Rachel Greene I think sounds like a biblical whore. Things I'm not too crazy about? I wouldn't want her name to be shortened to "Lye" or "Lie" which people always tend to do. Lying is a bad thing, no? There aren't really any nicknames for this name. But I do like names that end in an A (have you discovered I'm odd yet?).

3. Emilia (400) - I just love the nickname Emmy but don't know if that's really a name. I mean it sounds so sweet and adorable to me now, but is it really a name a girl can be an adult in? I know there's the actress Emmy Rossum, who is just great, but duh, she's an actress. Can my daughter (who undoubtedly will be more brilliant than the aforementioned Emmy) be an astronaut/architect/archaeologist with that name? And really she could only be Emmy if we go with Emilia, and in that case, people would be constantly misspelling her name. And to pick a name just so I can have the nickname that goes with it - silly, right? Shouldn't I just name her Emmy in the first place? Again, this brings us back to the validity of the name itself...

4. Gianna (76)- I think this name is beautiful, but what draws me most to it is actually something quite meaningful. During my name hunt, I kept thinking about how I wanted something that really meant something to me. Perhaps my most defining/momentous event in life was cancer. My oncologist's name was/is John, and I love that I could name my baby girl after him (the feminine form of John - Gianna). He really is such an incredible man and I owe so much to him (he didn't just treat my disease, he gave me hope when I really couldn't find any elsewhere). Problems? I see that it's rising like crazy in popularity, even being in the top 10 in some states. I have a distinct fear of my daughter having to go by her name and last initial in school because there's some other clown with the same name. Not that I actually personally know any Gianna's, but there are a couple babies named this out in the blogosphere - undoubtedly adorable little girls, but I don't want to set her up for being one of many. And yes, I realize I am starting to sound nuts if I'm referring to "knowing" babies just from reading blogs.

5. Mia (10)- Speaking of popular like crazy names, we have Mia. Adam absolutely loves this name, which is why it's on the list. I can't help but smile saying it, because yes, it's totally presh. But it's seriously seriously popular. Adam doesn't really see a problem with this (duh, his name's Adam). I really don't want to be seen as unimaginative/thoughtless when it comes to naming her. I'd hate for her to resent me and think I didn't put enough time and thought into it! I mean a name can sound perfect and great now, when you don't hear it all the time, but when everyone and their cousin's (not mother) named it 10 years from now, will it really sound as nice? Or will it turn vanilla? It's also really short, which scares me. Who knows why?

6. Mila (464)- It's an offshoot from Mia - not nearly as popular and yet still packs an adorable punch. I love love that it's a bit exotic-sounding. I really like names that sound like they come from somewhere (like me!). I don't mind so much the actress Mila Kunis, but a season ago on Project Runway there was a Mila and ugh she's kind of vomitocious IMO. But it would be odd to let a stranger influence me completely on a name now, wouldn't it?

7. Gabriella (33)- This one's in the same vain as the Charlottes - classic and dainty sounding. I picture a sweet little girl with pigtails and a little summer dress and little white sandals walking while holding my hand. Odd that I get this image just with a name, but it's there. Problems? It may be a bit rhyme-y with our last name (I'm so not sharing that one on here, need I refer you back to my list of phobias in life). And it's also becoming super popular.

8. Adriana (125)- Adam loved this one and I think it's good for a couple reasons. 1. It's Romanian and I like that (guess what I am 75% of) and 2. it's also in the same class as the Charlottes and Gabriellas. It kind of also reminds me of a model (Lima perhaps?) Probs? Well do you spell it with one N or two? People would always get it wrong regardless of which way we would go. And what's the nickname for this one? Dree? Addie? I think Addie is adorable, but I don't think it's quite the nickname for Adriana (two completely different A sounds).

9. Arianna (52) - Adam came up with this one and it keeps making an appearance on the list even though I'm just not THAT crazy about it. I do like that it starts with an A, because both Adam and Alexandra do, so we'd be a family of A's. I have these really cute monogrammed soaps that I could put in her bathroom then! ... Tell me I did not just consider naming my child because of soap. Oh, and again is it with the one N or two? Ari as a nickname? Is it Ah-ree-ah-na or Airy-ah-na? Too many questions.

10. Liliana (120)- Wow these names are starting to run together aren't they? Lily is such an adorable nickname I think. But my feelings for this one are just lukewarm.

11. Fiona (313)- Yup, as in Apple. But has she really done anything in the last 12 years? I think it's super cute and a bit different, which I like. But oh crap, there's that movie about the green ogres and there's a princess Fiona in that one. Would that lead to teasing? I mean the last movie in the quadlogy (is that a word?!) just came out, so do things that happen in your birth year really follow you throughout life? Hubby isn't super crazy about this one either, so if I'm hell-bent on it, I'd have to do some serious convincing (which I'm sure I could do, IF I could decide on what I wanted).

12. Cleo (not ranked since 1959 - how's that for original!)- OK Adam hates this one and refuses completely. He references the old psychic lady, Miss Cleo (I totally forgot about her). I think it's adorable. It would make a really great name for a cat...

13. Shit I know there were a couple more on the list, but I can't find the damn little notepad I wrote them on anywhere. Great, now I'm panicking over that. I guess I should think of it as "if I can't remember them off the top of my head, it's probably because they're not the right names." OK.

So, comments. I don't know how I feel about getting negative feedback on these. You may look like an asshole if you say something bad about the name that I we ultimately go with. Then on the other hand you may be my hero. So say what you will. And of course, I'm totally open to adding more to the list, as I can assure you I invariably will. And yes, it is 4 a.m. I woke up 3 times to pee and now I can't sleep.


Mrs. S said...

Wow! I love them! We don't even have a list and I didn't think to look up the rating for any that we have remotely liked! I do know someone who's name is Emmy and she is 24, I love it and I think it fits her great! I look at it as, "you are what you make of it." The Emmy I know is married and they just bought a house so I don't think of it as a name that never grows with you! Good luck in your name hunt, your getting close!

Jenifer said...

I love Charlotte and Mia both. My husband thinks Charlotte is too tranditional. And he is warming up to the idea of Mia. We both have our hearts set on Emma but its oh so trendy. good luck. Finding a name is hard but once its the right name it will stick and will be perfect and you wont be able to imagine any other name being hers.

Marielle0430 said...

I really like almost all of the names! My favorite from your list is probably Gabriella. My least favorite is probably Cleo with Fiona as a close second (just nms). How about instead of Cleo...Cloe?? And with the name Adriana (that's how I'd spell it too), DH and I watch the new 90210 and the Adriana character on there, her nickname is Ade. I don't know if that makes a difference. Best of luck! I'm sure you'll pick the perfect name for your precious girl!

jennypooh81 said...

you're making this too hard...i love them all! My faves are Mia, Lila, and Emilia. Good luck choosing...they are all seriously adorable!

Sarah Swift said...
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Mrs. Lucan said...

We came THISCLOSE to naming our little girl Charlotte! Love that name, and I feel like you've been talking about it for a while :)

Lindsay said...

I really love all of them, especially Charlotte. But I thought I would tell you that right now on 90210 there's a character named Adriana and as a nick name they call her Ade. (pronounced like first 'aid')I just thought that might be helpful! good luck!

Mrs. Grant said...

Mila gets my vote! Totally adorable!!!