Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So my darling husband thinks this is rather outlandish of me, but I've created housewarming registries on my top 3 sites (Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma). He thinks it's tacky. But it's not like I'm asking anyone to go to these registries and buy me things that would make my life so much easier and happier and bring joy to me that will last a lifetime. No! I just simply adore the registry-making process. It's like I'm shopping but not. And I secretly fantasize that some mysterious benefactor will stumble upon my registry and buy me things. Where are you secret benefactor?
Even Sephora has a registry. Come on! (I'm registered there too. But don't buy me things from there right now, since it's not at the top of my priorities. I'm stocked with beauty loot for the time being.)
I should just throw a housewarming party! But I wouldn't want to throw a party until my home is perfect, which would require things from aforementioned registries, which would then mean I would have no use for said party ruse.
Who am I kidding, I would love to throw a party just because. But I do need some things... BENEFACTOR!

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