Sunday, March 22, 2009

Forget that mop and broom. And that Swiffer.

I would like to formally introduce you to the newest additions to our family. They are incredibly well-regarded, and have given us immense joy. First we have Dyson, and honestly, he really sucks. Which is all we ever wanted from him! We have been needing a new vacuum cleaner for ages. We always bought the cheapie $39 ones. And they worked O.K. - once. Anything after that and you may as well have been schlopping dirt around rather than cleaning. I even tried to win another vacuum by entering Benny into a shameless beauty pageant (which had to have been rigged, because he lost!). So I asked around for recommendations. And the only vacuum that received unanimous praise was the Dyson. We hemmed and hawed at the price tag. We giggled as we schlepped the big box to the register. Who are we to own such a decidedly exquisite machine of this caliber? But now that we have chosen to join the elite ranks of Dyson owners, we couldn't feel more justified in incurring the expense. The damn thing is worth it! Here is my lovey, posing with my other lovey. Please excuse the mess aroundst them.We proceeded to clean the hell out of our house. Spring cleaning on the first day of spring indeed! And after a quick jaunt to purchase little Bean a new bed (he made love to and chewed the last one to death) we bit another bullet. We got the Shark Steam Mop. A house full of hardwood and travertined-kitchen and bathroom needs a steam mop. It's just so! And the swiffer really wasn't cutting the mustard. Oh what our other little bad boy did for our floors! We really couldn't be more proud. And proud of ourselves for actually cleaning too!

I did lose my shit earlier in the day when we ran out to get Benny a new bed. I discovered a huge crack in my windshield that was SO not there an hour earlier. And I had just seen some little punks playing football in the street. Adam says a football couldn't have cracked the window that way, but windows don't just crack like that on their own, do they?! He called and got a repair shop to come out today and replace my window. And... $185 goes literally - out the window.

I really can't be bothered to care that much anyhow, because my real focus is on what else I can vacuum and steam up!

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