Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lexi's 10 Commandments

I've got my eye on a few key pieces of clothing for the upcoming warmer months. It's definitely hot today in L.A. and it's got me thinking of summertime...

1. Abercrombie Greta Shorts, $60
I like that they're not the typical butthangingoutoftheshorts length, yet they're still young and fun. I may be a bit old for Abercrombie. Then again, maybe not!

2. Michael Kors Trellis Cork Wedge Sandal, $425
I'm loving their height and the fact that the wedge doesn't fully connect- makes them a bit different. Yet Beckham says you should never have a strap around the ankle, it breaks up the leg and makes it fat. And $425 clams is steep for MK. I'd hold out on these. But this is what I'm looking for - a nude-tanish sandal.

3. True Religion Bobby Jeans, $240
I love me a pair of True Religions, ever since my first pair 4+ years ago. I saw these on sale around X-mas time and didn't snap them up, and now, regretfully they're full price. I'm holding off...

4. Metallic Havaianas, $30
Duh, flip flops are a summer staple. Havaianas are the comfiest. And these are a little spruced up.

5. Angels by VS Supersoft Hiphuggers and Thongs, 3 for $30
These are the softest, stretchiest, most comfy undies this tush has ever felt. Adore. I can't help but always buy new underwear. And ladies (and gentlemen I guess), always google Victoria's Secret Coupon Codes before buying. You will save much moola.

6. Assorted Headbands from Anthropologie, $24-$38

Since it seems I'll be rockin the short hair for a bit longer, I think some headbands are in order. Anthropologie carries some of the cutest ones I've seen. The pricing seems a bit silly, and methinks I can start making them myself (do I sense a business opportunity?).

7. Profiterole Blouse by Anthropologie, $128
This top just looks like a good time to me. And I think it's a little fair to the midsection, which is perfect for that mid-summer snacking one tends to do. Again, not likely to be paying full price on this one.

8. Free People Galinas Jersey Tank, $98
I lurve the bright poppy prints Free People uses. I think I'm 1/4 hippie.

9. Guess Nyla Dress, $98
I live in dresses during the summer. This cotton maxi dress can be so versatile- it can go from a day at the beach to a nice dinner out.

10. C&C California Tanks, $42
The best. I am a layering whore. But again, a cheap one, as I wait to buy these when they are on sale.

I will surely keep you updated with more items that I covet, but at the moment, my 10 summer staples will have to suffice. It is notable that I have not included swimwear. I'm just not *in that place* yet.

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Melaina25 said...

Headbands are in right now, very Gossip Girl :)

I'm not sold on the jeans only because my rule of thumb is never have embellishments on the back pockets because it only makes your ass look bigger.

That being said you could have a tiny tushie and then it's alright!