Wednesday, March 24, 2010

27 Weeks!

I'm now officially in my 3rd trimester! It really hit me today that all this time I've been counting UP (25 weeks, 26 weeks, 27 weeks...) and now it seems like the time to start counting DOWN begins. Yesterday I realized that baby's due date was in exactly 3 months. Time to start freaking out?

I actually feel pretty good about this whole thing haha. I realized that I was focusing so much on tiny details, such as the nursery, to distract me from the big scary elephant that is giving birth and becoming a mother. But I'm finding that I'm much more at peace with everything now and actually am starting to feel "ready" for mommy-hood. I suppose you're never really completely ready, but I know that I am ready to love her with all my heart and do my very best to take care of her and give her anything she could ever possibly need/want. My very best is the most I can give, right?

We "graduated" from our childbirth prep class last night. Our instructor was just the most lovely lady ever, and I'm glad we decided to take the class. I mean did we need it? Probably not. But it did help to make us feel more prepared and I guess it psychologically helps us feel like we're being productive and proactive about parenting. Hubby decided he wants to take ALL the classes offered, so we may just be signing up for an arsenal of Breastfeeding, Infant CPR, The Amazing Newborn, Child Care and Baby Sign Language. Do we need to take all these? Probably not. But again...

Other updates, on the physical side:
  • Feeling quite a bit more sleepy lately and it's getting harder and harder to get up in the morning.
  • The urge to pee has reached a personal peak for me. I'm usually fine sitting down, but if I walk for more than 10 feet, baby decides to start jumping on my bladder and I need to pee. I still only wake up to go to the bathroom once a night, so I guess it could be worse.
  • My belly feels rock hard, and maneuvering (especially trying to get boots on/off) is becoming more and more difficult. It's often itchy, though I am slathering it twice daily with Mama Mio Tummy Butter in a vain attempt to avoid stretch marks. We'll see. 
  • My left eye has been bothering me for a couple days. Not sure if it's pregnancy related, but thought I'd note it. 
  • My sweet tooth has achieved hypermode. Can someone say Cinnabun/powdered donuts/chocolate chip cookies/cupcakes/cotton candy? It's all I want. Trying to limit this is quite difficult. 
Oh and I finally ordered nursery bedding. I decided to stop making such a huge deal over it and just got something sweet that fit in with the room. We ended up ordering a reasonably priced set from Target in the Shabby Chic collection, and it just arrived today. It's really adorable and I'm super thrilled with it. Here's a detailed pic: 

Oh and I have to include a photo from my official start of 3rd trimester (yesterday):

Pretty righteous top from H&M, no? And yes, I am totally rocking a cherry slurpee in my left hand. Oh and no, a rectangle did not die in the nursery, I just laid out where all the furniture will be based on each piece's exact measurements. Anal much? ;-)


Mrs. Fuzz said...

You're looking great! I also think the bedding you picked out will be so pretty in your nursery.

Mrs. S said...

Such a great shirt!

iluvpink9 said...

Hi, I dunno if you are planning on breast feeding but i got these super cute nursing cover kits at for $5. just enter the promo code: babies. PS that shirt is way too cute

Mrs. Lexi said...

Hey pink, I do plan on BFing, and what's super funny is after seeing your message, I got an email from planning family about the promo code! I'm about to run off and check em out, thanks!

Mrs. Grant said...

This is the bedding I have picked out if we have a girl! :O)