Sunday, March 7, 2010

Did someone say SALE?!

So my birthday is approaching this week (the 10th) and my mom convinced me to drop the baby-shopping and researching for the day to take me shopping for me. I haven't had much interest in getting things for myself, since my attention is purely focused on the little one on the way, but naturally I obliged. I wouldn't want to deprive my mom of buying goodies for her baby girl ;-)

I got a couple pairs of sweet flats for work, and a really cute long skirt from Free People that I can wear while with a baby bump and without. And then, as we walked through Neiman Marcus, en route to the restroom (I like to use the fanciest of the toilets nearby) I caught a glimpse of a Bugaboo stroller with a big red "SALE" sign dangling from it. I made a beeline for the Bee (hee hee) and discovered they were practically giving the thing away! I wasn't too keen on the canopy it came with (the cream colored Treasu(red) one), but the sales lady said it includes an extra canopy, and went to check what she had in the back. She returned with both a pink and a yellow one (um, my two favorite colors that it comes in) and I got her to throw them both in. I hemmed and hawed for a bit and asked if this one too was at an additional 20% off (there was another one on display that was really scuffed up that I initially looked at, and she told me I could take 20% off that one). I was sure she'd say I was bonkers, since this one was in pristine condition, but she said yes!

Ummm SOLD! The stroller retails for $599. We got it for $287!

So I guess I couldn't go the whole day without shopping/planning for our girl, but man, I love that rush from saving all that $$! The carseat adapter was also on sale, as was this weird sunshade thing that my mom insisted I needed, so we took those too. I loved surprising Adam with it... I put it in front of our door, rang the doorbell and ran. :-)


Sarah Swift said...

The colors match the bows you just won!


It is like the Cadillac of prams! CUUUUTE!

Kate In Love said...

That is one fancy stroller! Love it! It's like a futuristic pram :-) She'll look precious in it!

Sazz said...

I love that stroller but with twins I can not use it!

tennisgal1206 said...

Lexi, you will LOVE this stroller. I just got one about a month ago from a dear friend (she works at Saks and bought it for me as a present with her nice discount) and I am in LOVE with it. We have it in black, and seriously it is a JOY to push thing thing around. I love how light it is, it drives like a dream, takes us almost no space in stores and restaurants, and is a head turner for sure! Get the cupholder if you's the only 'gripe' I have is that it didn't come with one.