Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We painted the nursery!

Finalmente! After slapping on no less than 10 (!) paint samples on the wall, we decided that going and finding an 11th would be ridic. So I "settled" on Gossamer Sky, our 9th patch (2nd from last on the bottom). I really loved the Robin's Nest color I'd seen in other nursery pics online (the large patch), but in the room it just came out so dark. I even went to Benjamin Moore and asked for a 75% shade of it and it came out horrendously neon-like (the last one on the bottom right). So Gossamer Sky (by Valspar, at Lowes) was selected. We got down to business on Sunday, and I'm so incredibly thrilled with how it came out! I didn't have to settle at all, this is so perfect. I think paint colors photograph waaaay lighter than they actually are in person, which is why RN wasn't coming out right in person at all, and why this color may seem super light in photos. In reality it is a beautiful airy seafoam, and if you listen closely, you can hear the gentle breeze and ocean waves crashing just outside (hee hee).

Our 10 samples:

The Befores:

During the paint-fest (hubbs looks adorable and I just look like a hot mess, but we had fun!):

And the finished product:

Again, the pictures don't even do it justice, but at the end of the day, I'd rather have a room that I love being in and looks beautiful in real life than one that just photographs deceptively well. :-P I can't wait to get the furniture in and put up curtains and decor!

I still need to decide on a glider. Any ideas as to what color upholstery? Furniture's antique white (as if you could forget, I obsessed endlessly on that one!). Oh and um I still haven't found bedding I like. Please don't hit me.


Britt said...

I love the color!! How exciting!

Sumer said...

Cute! Starting the nursery is an amazing feeling isnt it?! When we decided on a glider (only just last week we ordered it) we decided to go with a neutral color fabric (its a micro suade fabric). Its a little darker then tanish not sure the name of the color though.

Anne said...

Wow that looks lovely. So bright and cheery in the light, I love it!

Hannah said...

Looks awesome! Good choice! :)

Kate In Love said...

SOOO cute!! Perfect! My mom said you should look at Candy's Quilt Works on Reseda for fabric. It can be kinda pricey but the fabrics are really good quality and really cute. Hope we see you guys soon! Desperate Housewives just isn't the same without you guys!

Lolo said...

Love it!! (& your hubbie's shirt too.hehe)

Sarah Swift said...

Love lovel love that color!!