Friday, October 22, 2010

4 Months Old!

Say hi to my little 1/3 of a year-old baby! I love her so very much and can't believe how she changes a little bit each day. Here are the latest updates/stats:
  • 15 lbs 2 oz and 25 inches long - 80th and 75th percentiles!
  • Still rockin the size 2 diaps but our chubby thighs hint that size 3 may be coming soon! So not looking forward to that (keep reading below for why).
  • She's getting so close to rolling over from back to front. She's almost fully there, she just needs that extra little push. 
  • Sleep is no longer an option in our house. We're asleep at 7:30 and up again around 11:45, 1, 2:30, 3:30, 4:15... It's not always crying for food, sometimes it's just her babbling really loudly in a protesting way, so we have to go in there and give her the paci and shush a little until she falls back asleep. It's tiring! We've tried letting her babble herself to sleep but it turns into crying, and then neither of us gets any sleep. I have friends whose little ones are going 12 hour stretches (seriously I'd love 6 at this point!). I just hope hope hope that we can get there someday soon!
  • She still sleeps swaddled, and seems to like it as she goes down to sleep really well, but we're looking into getting the Magical Merlin Sleepsuit (or whatever it's called - it has a pretty solid following so it may just be worth it).
  • Dr. wants to hold off on solids until 6 months, which I was a little bummed about because I'd heard that solids can help baby sleep better, but he said that solids too early can contribute to obesity and food allergies, so no thanks... so maybe all G'll want for Christmas this year is some solid food! (probably a bit too early for the two front teeth ha)
  • Our Dr. said Gabriella is the smartest baby in his practice. He could have been trying to make us feel better about the non-sleeping thing. Or he could have been fishing for a tip. I'll just take it as fact. :-)
So remember the stupid flu shot I got a couple weeks ago? Well I got the effing flu! I've felt crummy for a while now and Wednesday night I got really feverish. I'm an aching mess. My arthritis is KILLING me (I had zero symptoms of it when pregnant with Gabby) in my knees, hips, toes, ankles, thumbs - you name it. And I've had horribly sore muscles. My right calf is so painful right now I can only hobble around. It's ridiculous. I have no clue what it's about so I'm hoping it isn't anything serious (like the deep vein thrombosis I came across when googling). Thankfully I've had lots of help from my parents with Gabby and hubby has been working extra hard to help out (he's been getting up with her all night to help me out). I hate not being able to spend most of my day with her. But I know it's most important that I work on getting better asap so I can snuggle with her soon.

Oh and why do I not want to move on to size 3 diapers? Because they don't come with the little yellow line down the middle that turns blue when the diaper is wet! We so rely on that line. That line is a lifesaver. I love the line. WHY do they get rid of it on size 3 and up?! Probably because at that point they assume parents are bright enough to know when their little ones have peeshed themselves. I'm not there yet! Sure I can anticipate the wet diaper 15 minutes after a meal, and first thing in the morning (I swear it weighs as much as her), and maybe after a nap. But there are times when you just don't know! Sometimes babies double pee... then what? Sometimes you could swear they should be wet and they so aren't, and you don't want to go around wasting diapers (they cost like 22 cents apiece!). I mean unless you want to shove your nose in there to see if it really is wet. Who wants to do that?! Come on Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive! (and she doesn't really have sensitive skin, we just liked these better and they didn't come with the dreaded DryMax). Phew! *end rant*

Here are some more shots of my lovely girl at 4 months, and a few random pics from when we went to brunch a couple weekends ago that I forgot to post (her 4 month pics are such terrible quality, there was no light, coupled with mama feeling blah... at least I did them!)...

 Burp face!
G checking out the turtles!

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