Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A very important birthday...

Today is someone's birthday... Benny! He's now 4 years old (that's 28 in his years - he's finally older than me!). I still remember the very first time I laid eyes on him, and how he ran to us and leaped headfirst into my lap. He was so tiny and sweet then. The first night we brought him home I felt so sad for him so I slept on the floor with him and he slept with his little head in my hand. He's grown up to be a little tubbier than predicted (most Malteses aren't more than 7 lbs but he is about 12). He's a fiesty pup, and we're clearly to blame for not training him properly.

I feel so terrible that he hasn't been getting nearly the amount of love and affection he got from us before ever since Gigi was born. I want to change that... it's just so hard though to devote time to do anything properly besides take care of my baby. I blog while eating lunch... I shower right before bed in 5 minutes because any longer and I will likely fall asleep in there... My reading time is limited to however long I spend in the bathroom that day (ew?).

I'm sad because it's not fair to him, but there's nothing I can do. I can only hope that it gets better and easier. I envy those moms who seem like they can do it all - take care of their little ones, the house, their husbands, their pets AND work. How do they do it?

Anyway this wasn't supposed to be so sad - it's the little Bean's b-day! This blog was named for him after all. I'm going to make sure we celebrate doggy style tonight!

Ew get your heads out of the gutter. I meant with a proper family birthday dinner. Duh.


yeah but not really said...

Don't worry, I'm a new mom too (my daughter is a few weeks younger than yours) and my house is like a tornado went through and my cat is suffering from neglect too.

I'm doing my best...and so far that doesn't include lounging for hours on the couch with my cat or having a clean kitchen.

bbjoys said...

Awww, he's so cute!

SweetNiki said...

Happy birthday Benny!