Monday, October 11, 2010

Where were we?

Oh yes, my blog! That's right, you DO exist!

Sorry, I slack because I care. I'm just so busy living an enormous life at the moment so that I may have something to write about that I lost track of writing/uploading pictures/sleeping...

Shall I work my way backwards? I got a flu shot yesterday last week (I so can't finish writing a post in one sitting) in the hopes that it will stave off illness in our house this winter. Hubby got one too, except his was free at work. I somehow got suckered into paying $30 at Walgreens for it... and the pharmacist didn't even put a band-aid on me! I mean for 30 bucks I'm expecting a Hello Kitty band-aid, or Spongebob in the very least. Pff. And then I get to work Monday and see a lovely flyer announcing free flu shots for employees next Friday. Arrrg. OK well here are some updates:

  • For the last few days Last week, G has been was going through something (Jesus do I need to rework the whole post?!). She no longer sleeps (or semi-sleeps) through the night. It had been bed time at 8 p.m. and a feeding around 3 or 4 (or sometimes not until 6) for a while. And I was griping about getting up for the darn 3 am feed... Now she's up at 12/1 AND 3/4. Earlier in the week she was up every two hours, and was really fussy. She's been sleepier during the day too, so I'm thinking it's a growth spurt. She is drooling a lot and is always noming on her hands, which I've read is an early sign of teething. But I feel like it's too soon for that, right? I know "they" talk about that 4 month wakeful thing... I'm scared. Very scared. Aaaand last night she slept like a little angel from 7:30-4 a.m. (just in time for mommy to wake up and feed her before getting ready for work). Hoping it was just a one week fluke!
  • She babbles all the time and I have the funniest conversations with her. She likes to air out her grievances to me, and sounds just like a mini dictator. I go along with it. I swear she knows what I'm saying. And I still swear I hear her saying mama. ;-)
  • She likes to splash in the tub now. And suck the water off her hands. And try to stand/scoot around in it so we have to be super watchful, since we're paranoid she'll just slide right under water. 
  • She tries to stand up on us, and she's super kicky. We need to get her a jumperoo so she can get all her energy out! Any recs?
I really want to take her to the pumpkin patch, but the last couple of weekends have been SO HOT out. I refuse to go unless it's at least somewhat fall-like out! I think we'll go this weekend regardless. On Saturday we went to the Ronald Reagan museum to impart some wisdom and culture on our child. It was nice spending the day together as a little family without having to worry about work (hubby had been working Saturdays for a long time. Here's G in the Oval Office:

    DH fail of the day: A nice elderly volunteer smiled at Gigi and said "Future President, eh?" to us. I smiled, but DH opened his pie hole and corrected him, "Future First Lady!" Whaaaaa? She can be president ya know. Baaaad Adam.
    I was very amused by the beverage selection in Reagan's Pub...
    That evening we went to the Magic Castle with some friends while my parents kindly watched Gabby sleep. It's this neat members only club inside a castle (durh), and you go into these different rooms and watch magic tricks. We were so glad to get out and have some adult time with friends! We had a few drinks and enjoyed some magic (that sounds funny to me for some reason). I have just one picture from the evening, and I have to scan it, so I'll just post it later. Because otherwise this post will never get finished! Oh, wait I do have one pic, from before we left.
    Gosh we've changed so much from how we looked just a few years ago...
    I think it's time to go blonde... and go on a diet. Perhaps eating Wendy's every day isn't the way to lose baby weight?


      Mrs. S said...

      We have this one! Currant sounds about as active as your LO. He is constantly climbing on us and jumping up and down, as babies do! I thought he might be more jumpy in it, but he hasn't grasped the concept quite yet, not like when you hold them and they jump up and down on your lap!

      Jennifer said...

      You look beautiful! I know what you mean about the diet though. As much as I complain about the lingering baby weight I still eat junk.

      Britt said...

      You still look gorgeous! I think blonde or brunette look good on you! Pumpkin patch for my kiddos this weekend too!

      jss said...

      1. No, it is most certainly not the way to lose the baby weight, but I'm totally getting Wendy's for lunch today. NOM!

      2. My 3.5 month old just recently decided sleeping at night was for the birds. I don't think he's slept longer than 3 consecutive hours at night for the last week and he really seems to enjoy waking up every 2 hours to eat. I am not pleased with this development. Hopefully it's just a phase. But I'm glad my baby isn't the only one.

      3. The baby chatter is just about my favorite thing in the world.

      Mrs. Lexi said...

      You people are too kind... liars, but kind liars! ;-)

      Freddie and Haley said...

      hey lex. thanks for the comment :)
      Im not sure where you heard the 5 months thing??? you know everyone has an opinion :) i have friends that started from day one. i think the longer you wait the harder it will be. especially if you wait till not only are they crying but they can say Mama! :( ahhh no thanks. yeah he will cry on car rides too. you have to commit to being home and doing it everytime so that they have a routine. he only cries for 5 mins max now! :) you know to each their own. its hard but worth it. i totally think they need to learn to self soothe.