Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's Been a Year?

One year since I found out that my world would change forever. That my world would turn amazing...

One year ago today I was ravenous for hot dogs, apalled at the smell of my new bottle of my old favorite shampoo and could smell the coffee from the shop in the lobby at work from the parking garage. One year ago this evening, I was rushing like a madwoman to bake sweet rolls in the oven before my husband came home to be able to tell him my news. Our news.

And now she's here.

How does a year go by so fast??


Care said...

And ph my she is cute. It is amazing how fast a year flies by. It's kinda sad, but happy too!

MrsBro... said...

Wow. 1 year. It's so bizarre!!! I remember your BFP.

She is too adorable in that headband!

Congrats Momma of a 1 year old :o

Jennifer said...

She's sooooooooo precious! My bfp was December 8th. I'm pretty sure I'll remember that day forever.

Kimberly said...

I read the "How I told him" post and I laughed out loud. You are too funny! When I told Wes I just came out of the bathroom crying hysterically and Wes thought it was negative again. He came over to consol me and tell me that it would happen eventually. I guess it never happens the way you want it to but it makes for a good story and we got pretty cute babies out of it!!